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Monday, August 31, 2009

a wii-review.

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a few months ago i got an email from my friends at jumpstart. they wanted to know if they could send me a wii game to review!!

ummm. yeah!!

i was super stoked to get it a few weeks ago. we LOVE jumpstart here. we have a few computer games already and the online subscription. so i was excited to see the FIRST game for the wii geared towards pre-k children...from the same company! in fact...ESRB has rated Pet Rescue “Early Childhood”.

yeah!! pet rescue has been a lot of fun.

first off amelya loves being able to make her own person. she is constantly changing it up as well. it's much easier virtual than in real life though!! :0)

breigh also enjoyed playing the game. but at just turning three in june she needed a bit of help from me to get everything going. amelya didn't need much help at all with choosing and picking. but she did need help getting the wii arrow on to the right thing she needed to click on. but with more practice i'm sure she'll be a pro in no time.

the games are very similiar to the games on the computer and online. but that's what i LOVE. amelya is familiar with most everything and knows what she needs to do and GETS to do. i'm amazed already at her skills with the wii and how well she does at the games. especially the ones I think are going to be too hard. in no time she's earning gold cards and prizes.

amelya loves earning the gold cards and telling shaun about them. she also loves it when they tell her "you've earned a prize" she holds on with so much anticipation of what the prize is going to be. breigh gets excited with her as she clicks on the wrapped prize!

here is what jumpstart has to tell you about their new game::

JumpStart Pet Rescue contains 5 Discovery worlds where Preschoolers navigate through 5 stories in a search for lost pets.

Each Discovery world contains a guided story told by one of the JumpStart friends, leading children on a learning adventure through more than 70 learning lessons and activities that teach kids over 75 essential skills they need to succeed. As kids progress through the adventures, they improve their pre-reading skills, memory, creativity, motor skills, listening,and much more!

Key Features

JumpStart Pet Rescue immerses each child in a wildly imaginative and rewarding3D learning environment that offers hours of exploration and adventure.

As children travel through the different worlds, they play learning games to earn rewards. Children then earn storybooks that are read aloud to them.

Children are given the freedom to express themselves by changing the way they look, dress & by decorating their house.

Pet rescue and care are incorporated into the game storyline. Children can feed, groom, play with, and train their pets.

you can also click here for more info on the wii game.

you want one of these don't you? i know i feel so blessed to have gotten one. well you can have a chance to win your own.

wellll jumpstart is giving away 25 copies of their new wii game. just head on over to their blog for your chance to win!! it's a load of fun and i know you'll love it!!

hope you all go and enter. i'm off to get ready for the day and will try to be back later with a 'typical' rambling post. :0) before i go though i want to ask for a prayer request. i took the dose of cytotec on wednesday. nothing happened. my dr gave me another rx for a dose saturday. and nothing has happened. i'm assuming that means i'll have to do a d/c. so please pray something happens between now and when i call my dr this morning. thanks!!

6 loving words from you.:

Scrapingirl said...

That is so cool. I hope they make more learning ones. As long as they don't have annoying music. lol

Lara said...

cool- my hubby was just asking me if there were pre-k games for wii. i sure hope thing naturally-- praying for you!

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh stunt man would love this. Thanks for the link.

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh how fun! Breigh definitely looks like she is having a great time.

Praying for you my friend!

Stephanie said...

praying for you, amanda!

by the way - i received my applecheeks diaper from your giveaway today. it is SUPER cute! thanks so much!

Lisa said...