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Friday, August 28, 2009

i'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

whew. what a week. it's been almost an entire week since i've last had contact with most of you! crazy.

so. our weekend was great. we had my sil's bday party on saturday. it was fun. and cold. so that means instead of the beach we hung out at her house. before her party i set up my wildtree stuff at a natural store. i had a few orders and a few prospects so totally worth the time. my sister came and sat with me so that was nice!

sunday. the BIG day. we left for vacation. of course earlier that morning i threw a load of wash in. so we'd be all caught up when we got home. and of course i never check pockets. and washed shaun's cell phone. awesome. PRAISE THE LORD though...by sunday evening all buttons were working. and the phone is still working!! god is SO good. because shaun just washed his other phone last month. how embarassing is THAT. twice in about a month washing a cell phone. apparently this one holds up better to the washing!

after church we came home and packed. yes i said packed. i was leaving that til way last minute! plus it just worked out that way. i packed up our stuff...and didn't even forget anything. well except the pack and play for dustin. thankfully the hotel had one we could use!!

we got to the hotel at check in time. so there was a bit of a line. but you could look through windows into the waterpark and shaun and the girls did that while dustin and i checked in. our room was 113. right down the hall from the arcade and waterpark.

we decided to unpack a bit and grab supper before going swimming. so we did that. and then hit the pool/slides/lazy river. overall it was a great waterpark. i think the perfect size for our family. the girls LOVED the slides. we just held them on our laps. shaun took caitlyn though. i didn't feel comfortable enough to do her. we hung out at the waterpark a few hours. then walked around the hotel and played some games in the arcade. ((where by the end of the vaca we spent about fifty bucks and got a whole cool bag of plastic toys and animals. but it WAS fun!!))

on monday we checked out lambeau field. breigh thought we were going to see the packers. so i don't think she thought it was as cool as it was going to be in her head. but the kiddos were all free to go in so it was really an inexpensive thing to do for us. plus it'll most likely be the only time we go there. packer tickets can be VERY hard to come by. and we're not really huge fans.

when we got back from lambeau we gave the kiddos naps. i always try to keep them on their same schedule when we're gone. so after a pretty decent naptime. we hit up the waterpark. after swimming we did the supper thing at the hotel. and hit up walmart for stuff to eat for breakfast and pack for our picnic the next day. after we got back...it was the arcade.

the next day we went to heritage hill. i LOVE heritage hill. it's a 'living' museum. with interpretors in some of the buildings. so much fun. AND it's kids are free week til this saturday or sunday...so we only had to pay for us. and actually the kiddos are still at the 'free' age anyways. we got through most of the park. til it started raining. and pouring. and thundering. and lightening. not fun. so we checked out the gift shop. got the kids each a sucker stick thing. and me a box of salt water taffy. i LOVE taffy!! we went back to the hotel for naps. and then after naps friends of ours came up to visit. it was fun to visit. we all played in the waterpark and then went to red robin for supper.

wednesday was leaving day. :0( we spent the rest of our tokens in the arcade and cashed in our tickets for the bag of plastic fun! and packed up our stuff. actually shaun did most of that. i took the kiddos all to the arcade while he showered and then packed up. is it lame to say i cried when we left? i did. we had such a nice time. and i didn't want to come home. back to 'real life'. where shaun works too much and too hard. but we have too. i asked shaun to call in sick OF work. but we agreed it wouldn't go over too well. and that we probably don't have a cardboard box big enough to support our family in. so work it is.

wednesday was also 'the' day. i took the cytotec. i felt like yuck all day. so far nothing has really happened. i had awful cramps on wednesday. and some awful fun in the bathroom. (tmi. but seriously!!) but so far nothing has happened. i'm not sure how long it should take. i just thought it'd be fast. especially since i've already had this stuff before. it's the same thing they gave me to induce labor with dustin. so my body i figured would be used to this and 'know' what to do. i dunno. we'll see i guess. all i know is that it all seems SO much more real.

so real. i held back tears as i choked down the pills. which were not too big. afterwards i went to the bathroom and cried. like i said it all just felt so much more real. and it 'hit' me again. i wasn't having a baby. of course everyone seemed pregnant or having a newborn at the waterpark. but i don't think it's the case. it's just me noticing them. and i'm not jealous of them. i just feel that longing in my heart to be like them. so i pray that god gives me that desire of my heart. OR takes that desire away. if we're not supposed to have more kids i pray he shows me that. it may seem like a 'weird' thing to pray for. but to me it's not. and god already knows i'm pretty much weird. i'm sure he's used to it by now!

thanks to all of you for your super kind words and comments again. it's been a blessing to read some of your stories as well. i think it's important to share them. so i feel so blessed that you've trusted ME with your story!!

well i should get going. i have some pictures to edit from this past week. that i'll share with you all soon!! and i actually have forgotten to tell you all about a new 'job' i have. i've been hired by a local business to do some online networking (facebook, twitter, etc) for them. and design a blog for them. my requirement is to work an hour and a half a week. so because i haven't done it at all this week...that is what nap time will consist of today. i'll try to get around to blogs if i get time after that. but i can't promise it. :0) know that i've been thinking about you all and praying for you guys!! you're the best!!

11 loving words from you.:

Stephanie said...

aw - so glad you had such a wonderful getaway, amanda! i was sad to come back from our vacation too, because we haven't spent so much time together the three of us since valerie was born. continuing to pray for you and your family!

-stephanie- said...

Welcome back. Glad you had a great time, and not too far from home.
You've been in my prayers.

Megan said...

Glad you guys had a great time!!!

Lisa said...

Sounds like loads of busy fun!

Jennifer W. said...

Yay for a great vacation! It sounds wonderful. BTW God does know you're weird, He made you that way, girl! But I don't think what you're asking for is weird at all. I pray God answers your prayers quickly!!

christy rose said...

I am glad that you had a great time on your getaway. I have been praying for you.

Lara said...

i've prayed that same "take this desire away if it's not meant to be" prayer millions of times. i understand those feeligs. i'm happy to hear everyone had a wonderful time. i long to go away for even a few days-- i think it's important for a family to do that. praying for whatever is to happen, to happen.

Ami said...

Hi Amanda! I've been on and off of the computer for most of the summer, but now that the school year is starting up, I'm on again a bit more regularly. It sounds like you and your family had a nice and much needed mini-vaca! I did read down a bit, and it saddens me that you're experiencing another pregnancy loss. Praying for you!

He & Me + 3 said...

That is awesome about the cell phone. It must be a durable one. So glad you had a nice vacation. You all deserve it.

Ashley said...

Yeah for fabulous family fun time! Hehe! Glad to hear you, Shaun, and the kids had a great mini vacation! Sometimes those are the best... just getting away from home and relaxing! I can't wait to see some pictures you took! And congrats on the new 'job' as you put it! You are very talented when it comes to blog designs so I'm sure it will turn out great!

Your in my thoughts! Hope you are doing okay!

Scrapingirl said...

I'm glad you guys had a fun time. It's really hard to get back into the "real" world. I've cried also when we left the first waterpark/hotel we stayed at also.