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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i am alive.

i am. i really am. it may not seem that way lately. but i am.

last week i was gone every single day doing 'something'.

this week is a bit slower.

but still busy.

and trying to catch up on things from last week...still.

so i'll finish up my nyc post soon...it's half started.

and i'll tell you my little niece is getting to come home from the NICU...SOON!

and i'll tell you...i'm still alive.

and lord willing...i'll be back to reading blogs again too...i MISS YOU GUYS!!!

and if you think of it pray for my little man, dustin has a dr's appt with an ENT doctor today. his gum is 'too attached' to his lip. if that makes sense. i'm not sure how else to explain it besides that. we're seeing the dr today to see if it needs to be snipped or not. dustin was also tongue tied when he was born, maybe it's all connected! :0) and he's been getting up around five the past two mornings. just screaming and crying. nothing helps. no tylenol. no milk. no holding. no back rubbing. no laying in bed with momma. no nothing!

okay...back to work. see you guys all SOON!! :0)

13 loving words from you.:

Jennifer said...

Glad to see you back! That's wonderful news about your neice, I'm sure that you're anxious....

Prayers for little D, and for you....goodness, I can't imagine.

mittelmommy said...

well, it's good to know your still alive...i was indeed starting to worry...i mean it's been a whole day since i've heard from you...oh wait...i talked to you yesterday too...or was that shaun texting me?!? lol ok, just joking...not sure why i'm in a stupid mood but i'm sure you could tell from my email as well! praying dustin starts sleeping better! again let me know how the ent appt goes! see you in a bit...so, now i'm REALLY off to get my cereal...lol

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Life can get SUPER busy sometimes!! I'm glad your niece is doing well. I hope things go good at the ENT...is it his top lip or his bottom lip?!? I have a friend who's little boy almost had to have his tongue clipped but they waited a little and it stretched out.

Veronica said...

Glad to hear that you're "still alive" and Aryssa will be going home soon! I've been so behind on blogging too but now that I have FB I don't feel so bad if I can't blog read or leave a comment.

I will be praying for Dustin. I know it must be hard when there's nothing that you can do to soothe him. Hang in there!

Jessi said...

I have been checking to see if you were alive...for a long time now! :) I've missed your updates! Glad you're well and things are busy and not bad.
Praying for your little man...hope the doctors figure out how to help him.
Looking forward to hearing about NYC!

Jennifer W. said...

It's good to see you! :)
Praises for your neice, and I will say a prayer for Dustin! Hopefully things will slow down for you soon!!

He & Me + 3 said...

So happy to hear from you. I was just wondering about you. Life does find ways to get in the way of blog time. :) Hope it slows down a bit. That is awesome about your niece. Praying for Dustin.

Alicia said...

Hi Amanda! So good to read a post from you!

Yes, I will be praying. That may have alot to do w/ his speech. Definitely!!

christy rose said...

Happy to hear from you too! And I am so glad that you are still alive!! :)

Margaret said...

Glad to see you are back! You are in my thoughts and prayers as well!

christy rose said...

I have an award for you! Please stop by and pick it up when you get a chance.

Maire said...

Hoping all goes well at the ENT!! I love your style of writing :>)

Leslie said...

Thanks for your posts Amanda. You're an inspiration to us all. My son had the same thing with his lip. I took him to an ENT doctor and he HATED it. But it's better now and he's happy! Thanks again for the example you are to all of us.