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Monday, January 04, 2010

new year, new look!

well i had to change the christmas look on the blog, so i went with winter. and since i live in wisconsin...this look can probably be up til may. :0)

so i also wanted to touch on some of my favorite posts throughout the past year. or do a review of things i guess. i went back and read most all of my posts...it was fun!!

so January: it was a crazy month. i had my testing done on my thryoid. got not so good news back. and then had my biopsy done! i also had to pump and dump for an entire two days!! and started cloth diapering!!

February: got the great news back...NO CANCER! and shaun and i did a fun thing for valentine's day. we wrote each other vows. it was so fun to read them again. and it reminded me of the vows i made for him, like 'making out' more (i think he forgot i promised that too!) and how i'd support his dreams even if it meant moving to iowa or minnesota. he's always had a thing for iowa and then last  year when we went to minnesota he wanted to move there. he just likes the big ole farms there. we've never been to iowa, but minnesota was nice. i still tell him, whatever god leads you to do. ((even if it seems scary)) it's cool too because i found the vows he wrote me in my bible the other day and we read them together. it was fun!

March: Amelya turned FOUR!! wow. i got my haircut. (not that big of a deal, but it made me feel 'pretty') we got to see third day. (a totally awesome concert) brandon heath and revive were there too. :0) and i got a few 'mean'/'negative' comments. grrr. i haven't had any for awhile so either people are nicer or i'm just not ticking anyone off. (ha. right. that'd be the day)

April: i turned 26. and handled it okay. :0) i also bought my first digital slr camera, the nikon d90. and i'm still so in love with it. i found out i was going to be an auntie. and i also found out WE were going to have a baby. and a random stranger gave me a gift card for $50 for groceries. the girls had their very first dance recital and i held it together and didn't bawl. even though they were SO cute!

May: got to host some fun cloth diaper giveaways. finally announced we were expecting. dealt with a mean comment about that. saw our babies heartbeat. and three days later saw our baby enter the gates of heaven. shaun and i celebrated 10 years together. wow. (that one is still crazy to believe) and decided to start my own business with wildtree.

June: wildtree started (and continues) to go well. breigh turned THREE! i got to giveaway some more cloth diapers and some super cute hats!! and not much else happened in june. sure if you go back and read it i blogged quite a bit...but it's mainly just rambling.

July: they picked our peas. and we dealt with rude people. we took the kiddos to bay beach for the first time. we drove a few hours to meet a blogging buddy on a family road trip from virginia. struggled with some dark times for me, and actually admitted it. found out we're expecting again!!

August: had an ultrasound. showed no baby. had to go through 'this' AGAIN. wildtree continued on well. struggled with some more dark times and kept on keeping on. had a church baptism at the beach. went on a well deserved 'mini' vacation to an indoor waterpark with just the kiddos. too the 'pill' to get 'this' overwith.

September: because two doses of the cytotec didn't work went in for a d & c. found out our baby was a baby boy with quite a few 'issues'. but it was fun finding out he was a he. (speaking of him, he really needs a name. we've been talking and praying about it for awhile) started preparing for our family trip out east!! caitlyn turned TWO!

October: went on our first ever family trip!! and had SO much fun. went to an awesome church in cleveland. and visited a fun apple orchard. met a great friend and her family in connecticut. saw the ocean in rhode island. drove to nyc. met up with an 'old' friend. and then as fast as the trip came...it was over! dustin turned ONE!! my sister had her baby...six weeks early! and on the very last day of the month...found out we were expecting again!

November: aryssa came home from the NICU. felt completely sick. had my hcg numbers tested and they rose. had an ultrasound. decided to 'tell'. celebrated 6 years of marriage. continued to feel sick and tired and couldn't be happier.

December: had a doctor's appt. got to see baby e again. everythin going well. still feel sick. slacked on the blogging thing. gave away some more fun stuff. had a good christmas with the kiddos. celebrated new  years with some fun friends.

and now we're to this year. 2010. crazy.

ten years ago i was almost 17 and looking forward to finishing off my junior year of high school. and ten years from now i'll be almost 37 and have a 14,13,12,11,10,8 year old kiddos. wow. (and who knows maybe there will be more to that list of kiddos)

for now i'm concentrating on today.

i have so much more on my heart. but think it needs a seperate post. well actually i started it a few weeks ago and just haven't finished it. so i hope to do that soon. i think it's something that should be shared. and will be hard for me to share all at the same time.

but for now i'm off to...well i don't know what. probably start thinking of something for supper.

and before i do, i want to give a huge shout out to my hubby. (who i don't think reads this, but deserves it anyways) (but he does read my facebook...but refuses to get his own!!) i was feeling really sick on friday and all weekend, and he got so much done around the house. last week overall was a really bad 'pregnancy' feeling sick week and i didn't do much of anything at all. like seriously we were out of forks and plates. so even though he didn't get much sleep new years and worked half a day new years day...he came home and did so much for me. and i didn't even ask him. or tell him. or hint at him. he just did it. so thankful for him.
we started a new devotional for couples for the year. it's a 'weekly' one and will last us 52 weeks, so all year. and last's nights was so fitting. it talked about the 'fog' of life getting in the way of your marriage and taking your eyes of each other and the 'prize'. we have a lot of stuff going on right now and it's so cool because we're doing such a good job at keeping it 'out' of our marriage and dealing with it as best as we can. it could possibly bring changes for us. but right now we're waiting on god for a clear answer. the only answer we get right now is wait. so we keep on keeping on...even if we don't understand much of any of what's going on. ANYWAYS...

have a great day/night/etc. and i'll be back sometime....of course i still haven't posted pictures, but breigh, caitlyn and dustin's picture in the header is from their haircuts. the picture i have of amelya she looks like a beaver (from the haircut...her words not mine) so i used one from christmas. :0)

12 loving words from you.:

Kelli @ RTSM said...

What a great recap of your year! It was fun to be reminded of all the stuff I read about you and your family! Isn't it great when your hubby helps out just because wants to and he knows you need the help! Mine does that sometimes too:) I would love to know the name of the couples devotional you are using...I was going to look for something just for me to start soon...but a couples one sounds like an even better idea!

Jennifer W. said...

What a cool post! I'm glad to say that I was here for much of those posts!! It's been a great year getting to know you and your sweet family, and I'm still praying for baby #5!

He & Me + 3 said...

i am loving all the recaps from all the bloggers. I totally remember the rude people that took your peas, and so many of the other events. Wow crazy to think of your kids ages in 10 years huh? Time goes by so fast. Love your new blog look too.

christy rose said...

Wow! You had a full year! I am so glad it ended with a new baby on the way. Love your new header! Too cute!

Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

loved the recap of your year! so thankful to have found your blog, you are an inspiration to me and thank you for what you have done for me!!!

hope you start to feel better soon and give those babies hugs for me :)

Veronica said...

LOVE your new blog look, especially the pics of the kiddos!

It was fun reading about your year since I missed the beginning of it since we hadn't met yet!

I hope this week is a better one for you and I will pray that the Lord's will be done in your situation during the time you have to wait.

Love ya and oh yeah...I was going to ask you if maybe you have some name suggestions for our baby! I know this is totally random, but I have no names yet and I love how you have y's in all your girls' names and so do I. Let me know...! :)

mittelmommy said...

a year in review was fun...and i remembered it all! =) but it was fun to recap! very crazy to think how old your kids will be in ten years...that means gage will almost be 13 and malia almost 11...let's not think about that anymore! they already are growing up too fast!
your post you have to talk about does have me seriously wondering what's up and why i don't have a clue though! ;(
what devotional are you guys doing now? you always pick good ones, i'm not good at picking things out and b/c i don't care to read i think i don't put enough time into picking one out. but we are doing the fire proof video you gave me so i'm excited about that! cool how your topic was right on, totally god!
and b/c i know i used to ask you and i don't anymore b/c it's really none of my business and i didn't want to sound like a broken record-esp if it bothered you, but i think it's cool you and shauners are thinking of a name for your baby boy in heaven! ;)
alright, while i was still reading your post i told nathan i was almost done and now look at all the writing i've done..so, i'm off now. good night!

Alicia said...

I have been reading so many recaps, and I think that's great!! I should have done that too!!

I'm glad things are going good, Amanda, and what a blessing your husband is!

Love the new layout!

Christy (CPJ) said...

The blog looks great!!! (26 was kind of a weird age, huh? I turned 26 this year too and it's a little disconcerting. But not too bad. Ha!)

E @ Scottsville said...

You turned 26 in April? And "Handled it okay?" Seriously girl?

I turned THIRTY-six in April... and I handled it just fine, thank you very much.

ha ha ha

Happy New Year, Amanda and gang! Hope it's a wonderful one!

Jessi said...

Great way to recap!

I always love hearing another momma switching to cloth :)

I'm so sorry for you're losses. I can't imagine!

I pray that this is a happy and healthy 9 months for you and baby!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

We stayed at Chula Vista resort! Weve stayed at the Wilderness before. CV is much less expensive but Wilder has three huge waterparks.

Love the new look, btw!