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Monday, February 08, 2010

17 weeks (and three days)

well i love survey things, doing them and reading them...mainly because i'm super...well nosy! so i thought i'd do the pregnancy survey thing for the week i'm at. my doctors appt went well on friday. heartbeat was 160's. which is actually what ALL the kids were, some will judge the heartbeat as an indication of baby's gender, but i asked my dr about that and she said that an intern she knew did a 'study' to see how true it was...and it was only right 50% of the time. but it's still fun to play those little games!! so here goes the 'survey' part.

How far along? 17 weeks (and three days)

Total weight gain/loss: well...i gained the three (but actually it's two according to my chart...i looked!) i lost last month...plus three more....so technically i'm only up three pounds. *but gained five (according to my chart. ;0) ) so i'm up to 180.

Maternity clothes? yep. i've been wearing them a few weeks, at first it was because they're more comfy, and now i pretty much have to.

Stretch marks? ?? you mean those purple and silver lines all over my belly, back, sides and legs...yep. :0) i have not noticed any 'new' ones...yet...

Best moment this week: feeling more movement. and anticipating the 'real' first kick, jab, punch!!

Movement: just the gassy bubbly movements so far. and like i said i'm so looking forward to that first 'real' movement...that's my most favorite part!

Food cravings: where do i start?! my 'worst' is mcdonald's sausage and egg biscuits. ((which i may have to stop and get before mom's group this morning!)) i feel mcd's should serve breakfast all day for preggos like me!! i've also been craving mexican, and lately cheesecake ((or cheesecake ragoons...anything with cheesecake and strawberries would be fine!))

Gender: i'm not saying. because they were pretty sure at our 13 week u/s. and we're not sure if we're telling yet. but i will say...what they guessed the baby was...is what i thought it was...

Labor Signs: not  unless you count the terrible gas pains i was having last night that were worse than labor!

Belly Button in or out? this is a difficult one. i will have to take a picture of my weird looking belly button. before having kids it was for sure in. then after amelya it went back in, except for a little piece on top. and since then that 'piece' gets bigger. so i have a half in and half out belly button. ((i seriously have been considering taking a picture because it looks so goofy...and because i'm goofy like that!))

What I miss: about what? i miss nothing!! i prayed and prayed for this to happen so what's there to miss?

What I am looking forward to: my belly getting bigger! lol. my pants with the secret fit panel (whatever it's called)  sometimes scoot down a bit, so with a bigger belly it'd hold them up better!!

Weekly Wisdom: hmmm. for pregnant people? enjoy it. every single second. as much as you can. ((i've not had to endure weeks/months of throwing up and i'm sure it can be hard to enjoy that)) so enjoy the time that you're not feeling sick and not throwing up. and enjoy the non-headache moments...because all too soon they baby is here in your arms and not your belly. and remember no matter HOW miserable you feel...there are women out there who'd give ANYTHING to be in your place!

Milestones: according what to expect...the baby has mastered the yawn. (awwww) and baby is about the size of a sweet potato (5.5 inches, 5 ounces)

there you have it! like i said i LOVE the survey things. so i'll try to remember to do one of these every so often, or maybe after my dr's appts. we'll see!

i don't have too much more time to blog, but have to share a fun story!! on saturday we decided to go to monkey joe's with some friends of ours. we walked in and waited to all get 'checked in' and all of a sudden this girl came up and said Amanda?. i looked at her and tried to place her, the first place i went is my parties for wildtree (nope) then she said i'm april. and i'm like...oh my goodness...from her blog!! she said she recognized one of the kiddos first and then came over to say hi!! it was just so crazy to have someone recognize us in public, it's not like i'm some big blogger person. so it was super fun to meet you april!! i love this blogging stuff!! :0)

well that's that. we had a long night last night and three out of the four kiddos are still asleep...at five after eight! amelya JUST got up!

we have a super busy week ahead of us! tomorrow shaun has off of work, so he can come to dance class with us and then we have to go to some city i don't even know where it is, to pick up some vegetables that we bought for cheap (because we grew peas, we get a cheap rate of the companie's other veggies too) on wednesday we get to go to PRINCESS ON ICE! we were blessed to get 'free' tickets ('free' because we had to listen to a fire safety presentation at our house...but that just cost  us our time) then on friday is our marriage conference! so it's going to be a busy week with all of those things, plus all of our other 'normal' week stuff...mom's group, dance, story time, and of course SCHOOL! lol.

so i'm off to try to decide if i should wake up the other kids...i'm thinking no. i have over an hour before i have to think about getting ready for mom's group!!

have a great monday!!

11 loving words from you.:

Emily said...

So what did you think the baby was? LOL!

I am so happy for you.. so excited for you too.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Those first baby movements are always so much fun! I craved Mexican everytime I was pregnant...that and french fries:) It sounds like you are going to have a SUPER busy week! I hope it is a great one!

April said...

How fun to read your updates! I laughed out loud at your stretchmark comment... isn't that the truth? I am glad you are feeling better (could have done without the gas pains, aren't those painful?!?)... I hope you had a great time with the kids and your friends on Saturday. We had spent about 2 hours there and Jax just loved running around (after about 15 mins. of warming up to the place). Great to meet you in person!!

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I love updates. Thanks!! I'm glad you're feeling good so far. :) Isn't it fun running into fellow bloggy friends? Hope you had fun at mom's group.

He & Me + 3 said...

I love this update...very cute idea very informative. I had so many cravings with my first one. Wow.

christy rose said...

This is a great way to update!

You do have a very busy week and weekend coming. Yay for the Princess on Ice tickets. Free is the best! :)

SMALLS said...

Hi Amanda, it's Sarah, Kelli's friend. I have some downtime at work today and found an old link I had to your blog. Very fun update--it's like looking in a pregnancy mirror! We have our ultrasound on Monday and we will be finding out the gender as well. Chinese calendar says it's a girl for us so we'll see.
PS- the butter infused oil has been FANTASTIC for popping popcorn!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Sounds like a fun week! I hope you have a great time. And I think you are right about pregnancy. Enjoy every minute of it. It is so worth it!

-stephanie- said...

Have fun at Disney On Ice. We go on Saturday. I'm sure it will be a ball.

So sweet that your baby yawns. What a little sweet potato. :o)

CRAZYMOM said...

aaawwww... Congratulations! What a blessing a baby is!

Maire said...

Amanda, I'm thrilled for you that your pregnancy is going well! I admire all the energy you have!

P.S-I've been using all of my Wildtree products, they are wonderful! I love that I can spice up everything, and make wonderful dips that are healthy and delicious.
Went to make the bread mix, and discovered I lost my bread pan ARGHH!! Bought a new one, am going to make it this weekend.