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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

full of it

you know when you plan to do nothing in an afternoon. and then end up busier than you ever thought?
yeah. that was my day yesterday. my mom is on 2nd shift so she came to dance class with us in the morning. because i had nothing to do after dance she just rode with us. breigh woke up yesterday morning and didn't go potty. she tried twice and wouldn't go. that concerned me. but i figured she'd go eventually. ((unless i'm pregnant i don't even have to go RIGHT AWAY so i didn't think much of it))

after dance class she tried again. this time she went a tiny bit. and looked at me like she was going to die. because it hurt so bad. that's when i decided to call the doctor. so i called the nurse direct line, who of course said she needed to be seen as soon as possible. grrr. how soon? because i had to take my mom back to home. then come back to the same town i was in. ((about a half hour away!!)) so i set up the appt and prayed it'd work out and we wouldn't be late. of course the place we ate at was slower than normal. and in the meantime i called my sister to see if she could watch the other three kiddos. so before taking my mom home i dropped the three of by my sister. ran my mom back home. and turned around to bring breigh back up.

((did i mention i had a wildtree party last night. so that meant i had to make up my dips for the party. i always make some extras up so there's lots to taste. i also had to make a pizza dough up (for breadsticks) for the sauces we were going to have at the party))

i was stressing. but my sister was way nice and offered to make the pizza dough for me, because she had some. and she just so 'happened' to have a sample pack of it. yay. so while i took breigh to the doctor my sister helped out by watching three of my kids, her baby girl...and make my pizza dough. :0)

breigh was stressing too. she teared up as soon as we got to the hospital. she teared up when i tried to help her go potty in a cup. and didn't. she cried when the called her name. it was so hard to see her so upset. but i knew something had to be done! she cried when the nurse asked to try and go potty again. she didn't get anything out any of the times. then they came in to do the cath. and i asked if i could take her one more time to try...because i know the nurse scared her a bit walking in with 'stuff'. we tried one more time. prayed a thousand more times. sang the b-i-b-l-e song a million times. trying anything to make her calm and get her to go. i got one drop out of her. and i prayed that god would give me the strength to see her through the cath. i've never had one...but knew it wasn't going to be plesant.

as i layed her on the table she clung to me and begged me to stay. i told her i wasn't going anywhere. and at that moment i thought of myself. ((i know how selfish..but stick with me)) how in my most desperate moments to god i cry and beg him not to leave me. and i remember how he tells me the same thing i whispered to breigh. "i am right here. i am NOT going to leave you." it was incredible to me to be spoken to in such magnitude at such a crazy time. but i am so thankful for that.

breigh layed on the table sobbing and i held her hands as the tried to do the cath. the nurse couldn't get it and brought in another set of eyes. they got it. and voila. it was in. and done. and breigh calmed down quickly. but it was awful to go through it with her. it was the first time as a mom i've ever almost lost it. shots have never really bugged me at all. but this bugged me. but i knew i couldn't 'lose it' in front of her. i needed to stay strong. and by the grace of god i did.

our doctor doesn't work on tuesday afternoons, so we actually saw the nurse practioner, who is great! and she ordered an x-ray to be done to see if perhaps breigh was full of poop. so we did the x-ray. and then a bit later got to see the results. she was literally FULL. i felt awful. i felt like a bad mom even. how did i not know!? but i mean really i don't have an x-ray machine at my house so how was i supposed to know. she didn't complain of a belly ache...i don't know how she didn't! so i let those lies go away, and know that i am a good mom.

so we got the 'orders' to do an enema, to clean out the lower stuff. a dulcolax to help soften, and miralax daily until she's going daily and softly. and then to slowly wean the miralax. BUT as soon as she misses two days to put her right back on it. ((now i know it seems personal to share all that, but when i had posted this on facebook some people said how they were told to do miralax as well, and i just wanted to share the knowledge i learned, so your baby doesn't have to go through anything like breigh did))

so that's where we're at.

my wildtree party went great last night! and it was fun to have a relaxing night out talking food!! and introducing it to new people. i even booked a party for april. ((i'm still looking for two more volunteers to do a party in april. :0) my goal is four parties. i have two. so i'm half way to my goal!))

i'm also getting super excited for my giveaway gala starting april 5th. i've gotten most of my items to do my reviews for!! and i'm excited to share them all with you!! and give you a chance to WIN!! winning is always fun!

i'm sorry for my lack of commenting over the past few days. i'm hoping to get caught up tomorrow when i have NOTHING planned...and hopefully it stays that way. :0)

18 loving words from you.:

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Poor Breigh! I hope she starts getting back to normal soon! I really have been worried about Eli lately...I even bought some Ducolax at the store, but the I was scared to give it to him because they are gel caps! I need to find something he can chew instead! I can't wait to see all the fun stuff you are giving away during your gala!

Amanda said...

HUGS mama! MacKenzie gets "hard poops" every now and then. We had her into the dr b/c we were having bleeding issues from her bottom. She usually gets a tummy ache, and so then that's when I start asking about her bm's. We do miralax. Usually just one dose does the trick. Just enough to get her a little big softer.

Hugs to B!

Jen said...

I saw your fb posts yesterday and have been praying for Breigh and for you ever since.

Hope she gets some relief very soon.

Kristin said...

Poor baby! I know how hard it is to see your children go through things like that. I hope everything will work itself out and she'll be back to herself in no time!!

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

Sassy had to get a cath when she was around 3 also. It was horrible. SHe NEVER wanted to go to the doctor after that. Everytime we went to well visits and the doc had to look "down there" she freaked, thinking they were doing a cath again. She was tramatized from that. Now she's ok and doesnt remember. But those two years were hard. She didn't want me to even bathe her. Here I was teaching her that no one is to touch her down there and then I let some one do something horrible to her. I'm glad you were able to get it taken care of.

Fox Family said...

Good thing you didn't have anything planned! Thankfully it was nothing more than her being "full". Poor girl! I am glad everything is better now! I also forgot to tell you in my last comment that the Wildtree stuff was great! The seasoning package had busted in the box, so I was sad not to be able to try that out. The pound cake was very good though! The husband was a big fan of the sauce as well! Thanks again!

christy rose said...

Oh my goodness! What a horrible thing for Breigh to have to go through and you too for that matter!! I am glad that she is ok and you have a path to go on so that you can prevent it from happening again. You are a wonderful mom!!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

Poor thing. I have seen other kids go through that, but thankfully mine have never had to deal with that. Glad she is ok. OUCHY.
Glad you party went well.

Holly said...

I feel so bad for Breigh and that she had to go through all of that. Hopefully she can get back on track and that'll be the end of it!

-stephanie- said...

Poor baby girl...and you too. You are a good mom.

Hey, let me know the two April dates you have for Wildtree, and I'll see if I can work around them.

zookeeperjess said...

I can totally sympathize with you. My daughter had the very same issue from the time she was 13 months old. She would have (tmi) here movements so big they would rip her down there. Finally at 18 months we were able to be seen by a GI specialist who ran a series of tests. She is now 3 and a half and still gets a small dose of Miralax every single day but thankfully hasn't had any painful issues since she was about 20 months. I hope your little girl feels better, poor baby. Made me cringe because I've been exactly where you are!

Stephanie said...

Oh, how awful! The worst time for me as a parent was when V had seizures when she was less than a day old. I had to leave the room and broke down sobbing when they told me they were transferring her to the NICU. SO scary...but I remember after Ted and I prayed, I felt a peace knowing that God was in control. When A had to be sent to the NICU for his premature lungs, I felt even more of a sense of peace, because I knew without a doubt my God wouldn't forsake me. Isn't it amazing how He can use anything in our lives for His glory? Hope Breigh feels better soon!

Veronica said...

Wow, yesterday was a day, wasn't it? I'm so sorry you had to go through that. There have been times where I've had to go to the ER with both girls and thought I was going to lose it too. It is never easy to see our little ones in pain but I'm thankful that we can go to the Father to help us get through those tough times!

What a blessing Amy was, to take care of the kiddos and help out with your party!

Hope things are much better for you guys today!

Chaukie said...

So sorry your daughter had to go through that.

My daughter was on Miralax before she turned one I believe. It really bothered me at first that she was so young and already dependent upon it, but seeing her so miserable was not worth it. It wasn't foolproof. If she stayed overnight with her grandparents or went to daycare, the change in diet was enough to send us backwards. It wasn't until she became potty-trained at 2.5 that we were finally able to take her off it. She is now a little over 3 and I just now feel comfortable getting rid of what we have left.

Good luck!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

so glad breigh's dilemma is solved! poor girl!!! i felt like crying for her! i can't imagine how hard it was to see her deal with a cath!!! i love what you said: "and i remember how he tells me the same thing i whispered to breigh. "i am right here. i am NOT going to leave you." it was incredible to me to be spoken to in such magnitude at such a crazy time. but i am so thankful for that. " so beautiful. you are a great mommy. i wish i knew you in real life. we'd so hang out. : )

Jenny said...

awww poor thing. My son had issues like that when he was really little and I hated doing those enemas, but you gotta do what you gotta do right.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Elijah was on miralax for FOUR YEARS. Yep, his body eventually figured out what to do, and he hasn't needed it for 1 1/2 years. Stay strong!!

Bets said...

Awww, that sounds so traumatic! I remember as a kid being at the hospital, the most important thing for me was to have my mom there just showing me that she loved me. You are a great mama!