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Monday, March 22, 2010

thank therapy

if you made it anywhere near the end of my post the other day, i know it was long, and thanks to those of you who read it! :0)

i mentioned the 'thank therapy' devotional shaun and i did last weekend. and yesterday was the big reveal of our lists. i've picked a few that are fine for me to share with you all. :0)

here are some of my favorites from shaun: (reasons why he's thankful for me/things i do)

**for telling me to buy things for myself ((i was surprised at this one because he usually acts like he doesn't want to at all and i'm pulling out teeth to do it. so it's nice to know he likes it.))

**for helping me tell people no ((i was surprised at this too. but blessed to know that i'm helping him do things he actually wants to do, like say no.))

**for telling me how it is ((i guess i'm sort of not surprised, but glad he's thankful for it!))

**for helping me outside even when you think you can't. ((this one almost made me cry actually. i guess i didn't realize how thankful he was for it, and that he takes the time to encourage me when i do help him.))

here are some i did for shaun::

**you cry ((seriously when he cried in front of me for the first time it shocked me. but it also is something i'll never forget, it made me realize he was 'different' than most boys. and i love the fact he's not ashamed to cry!))

**you stayed ((because i know that we both didn't want to for awhile))

**washed cloth diapers ((he told me when we started cloth he'd never wash them. and that was fine with me. but he did it one time about a month ago and it blessed my socks off.))

**you remember things ((even though he may not be perfect at remembering little things, he has always remembered the 'big' things))

one thing i found so fun was that we both had a lot of the same things!! on our lists for each other. it was fun to hear when he was going through that i had listed the same things, they were:

**pray and do devotionals with me


**i had for shaun: that you see the importance of 'me time' for me, and he had: for taking time for yourself (love it!)

**stare in my eyes ((i actually have a really hard time with doing this. i blame it on a previous relationship, but when i could look shaun in the eyes and not feel 'uncomfortable' i KNEW he was different!))

**for making me feel special

**for putting up with my moods

i just thought it was so fun that we had some of the very same things. i truly LOVED doing this. and think it's something we should all do every once in awhile. shaun's list had almost 40 things and mine had 50 (only because i knew he had more than 25 and almost 50) ((one thing on his list to me was that he was thankful i played wii with him, even though he can beat me...so i had to be sure to beat him on the list. lol.)) it was actually super easy once you started writing. i realized more and more things i was thankful for and could've gone on, but ran out of paper. :0) and it was fun to make each other 'almost' cry. plus shaun's not a huge note writer, so it's always fun to see his heart through his writing when he does write. and it's something i can keep for my kids or grandkids to read. (all the letters) i have all of my grandparents cards and notes they wrote to each other and it's something i treasure more than anything else i could've gotten from their house.

i also just wanted to share some exciting to ME things. :0) we got a carseat for miss e!! it was a 180 car-seat. we had coupons. and opened a toys r us card to save more %. then this week starts a 20% off coupon. so i asked if i could bring back my reciept and get my 20% back. the lady called the manager because she wasn't sure...and i asked the manager. she just shrugged her shoulders and said "oh i'll give it to you NOW!!" so praise god!! we ended up saving more money than we thought. we paid 116. for the carseat!! talk about money saved!! i was so excited!

shaun and i also talked seriously about naming this baby. he's admitted he really doesn't 'care' as much as he seems to about the name evaleigh. he doesn't mind it at all actually he said. so i'm thinking evaleigh it is. now it's for sure figuring out the middle name part. in case you missed it i'm debating doing evaleigh jo faith. or just evaleigh faith. ((joe is shaun's grandpa's name. and all the other four have a family members name in their name, and i want to sort of keep it the same for her too. faith is truly what god has placed on my heart to be part of her name. so either way it's in there to stay))

and i got my hair cut and colored in a salon. it's been awhile since actually being in a salon!! but it was fun. actually saturday morning i got to be in a fashion show too. it was a last minute thing. a boutique store in a local town needed a replacement for a model in a show saturday morning. and i volunteered. i got to wear two super cute outfits and walk around a room. it was a little strange, but fun. i'm glad i did it. because i know it won't happen again!! i then made sure it was okay to go get my hair done afterwards. shaun was fine with that (remember the whole 'taking time for me' thing. lol) so i did that. i was gone all day though. i didn't like that part. i basically was gone a 'work day'. and i know there is no way i could go to work everyday and be away from the kids all day long. i was so excited to get home and see them. of course shaun too, but i'm at least used to not seeing him all day, so it's always exciting to see him again. god for sure has to place something in a working mom's heart to make it 'easier', and he for sure didn't place that in my heart. i give you working mom's props to doing that everyday!

so that's that. because i don't want to have two super long posts in a row!!

have a super great monday!!

15 loving words from you.:

-stephanie- said...

Your list making sounds great. I'll have to do that with my hubby.

What? No picture of your new do? C'mon girl. Bet it's cute, because you are.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

The Thank Therapy sounds like an awesome thing to do! And how exciting that you have decided on a name:)

~*Michelle*~ said...

How blessed you are to have Shaun, who God chose just for you...so as to be able to make such a beautiful list.

Love your name choice too!!!!!!!!

Miss you.

Jen said...

Great post! It's so nice to be reminded to be thankful for our spouse, who was provided JUST FOR US from a loving God. ((Hugs!!))

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I love the name you've chosen- it will either be that, or another perfect one will come to both of you! Have a great week Amanda!

He & Me + 3 said...

yea for the name. Yes I agree with Step...where is the hair picture. Love the lists. So great that you two did this.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i love your thankful responses. super sweet. such a great idea and a helpful way to improve communication. we might have to implement it sometime. i love evaleigh jo faith - such a pretty, feminine name. you got your hair done!?!!! yippee!!! so glad you got to do that. hope you have a happy monday.

Fox Family said...

I love the name, and what a great idea to make a list. Maybe that will be on the list of "to dos" for this weekend! I wanna see a picture of the hair!

Veronica said...

Yay for a great weekend. Love the idea of the lists. My hubby isn't a big letter/note writer either so anytime he does that it makes me cry, pregnant or not pregnant!

Yay for a day out for you. I'm planning on coloring my hair and getting it cut this week sometime too. Our baby shower is on Saturday and I want to look decent!

My vote is still for Evaleigh Faith. I know it wouldn't have Joe in there and would be different than what you've normally done, but Faith has a special meaning behind it as well. Hope you can decide on the same and be super happy about it. It's so special when you can start calling the baby by her name instead of just "baby!"

Better get to working on some hats before my girlies wake up! :)

Veronica said...

P.S. Meant to tell you in my last comment...I'm with the other girls. NEED to see pic of you and your new hairstyle! :)

Mom's Place said...

What a great idea, the lists!!!

Alicia said...

That is a great idea about the list! I'll have to do that with my husband!

And how awesome..a fashion show!

Any pics?? :)

Stephanie said...

What a wonderful idea! I'm going to have to talk to Ted about doing this too. And yay for a day to yourself. When I went to Cupcake it was so sweet to have just A to myself and have that special time with him, but I missed V so much. Ted even told me she was crying for me at nap time. Bless my heart!

Holly said...

I'm sure it was a blessing to you both to make those lists. :)

I really like the name you have picked out for your little bundle. I can't wait til we find out what we're having! (hoping for a girl)

It's funny you mention that you can't imagine working all day b/c I can't imagine staying home all day! lol I would loooove to just work part time though but not possible!

Bets said...

What a great idea. We play wii together too, and I always lose. *sigh*