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Friday, March 19, 2010

randomly friday.

this week i've done nothing but 'focused' posts. i really don't do a lot of them all the time. but i guess i did this week. so today...it's 'random me'. which is pretty much normal. and honestly easier for me to do!! i mean i don't have to stay on topic for more than a few words if i don't want to!

it's been a crazy week. and really most weeks are. we had a nice mom's group on monday with 'baby sitters'. we watched part of a series of videos called 'the case for kids' it was really good. and also reminded me how nothing i am doing in my life is mundane to god. and that most of  us...aren't going to be famous. 80 years from now, most people won't be able to tell you the major facts of my life. because truth is, they don't matter to everyone else. i'm just a 'normal' person. doing 'normal' things. but god loves me and my normalcy. perfect. and it's truly something i needed to be reminded of. i mean seriously how often do you get down on yourself for feeling 'un-important'? i know i do. and i have to remember I AM important. and the things i do ARE important.

actually rewind to sunday night. in our devotional we were talking about 'thank therapy' where we should remember to be thankful for our spouses instead of always pointing out the crazy negative things. ((which in reality are sometimes easier to do)) and we've been challenged to write out at least 25 things this week for each other. i can not wait til sunday to get my list from shaun!! if he lets me, i'll share some of our favorites to you guys. but he sometimes gets embarassed about that and i don't want to do that to him if it'd embarass him. because believe me....he is very funny and i have a ton of stories i've wanted to share, but he's asked me not to. so i just embarass myself instead. :0) ANYWAYS...we had to say three things on sunday that we were thankful for. and one thing i told shaun was that i was thankful he worked hard to provide for our family and that i didn't have to work. he looked at me and laughed. and said...you work  harder than i do. ((everyone..awwwwwwww)) totally made my heart melt. especially because i knew it came from his heart and he didn't just say it. in fact the other week when we had my ultrasound we ran a few errands, actually just the chiro and walmart. when we were done he said, now i realize how you don't get a lot of stuff done when you're out. i guess i realized how sometimes it can take all day to do about two things, but never thought he'd realize it. so it was nice to know that he realized i'm not slow and putzy. just busy!

dance was this week as well. last week was picture week so there was no class. so it was back to the routine again. my sister watched the kids for me for a little bit because i went to the chiro to hang letters. i have a cricut and cut out vinyl letters for the massage therapists wall. without a level, i think the letters look pretty good. and it looked nice when it was finished. ((plus when i'm all done with all the letters, i get a massage. we're trading! i've never had a massage...and i can't wait)) i then tried to go to a 'used maternity' clothes store. which should've been open according to the hours. but weren't. grrr. now you may be thinking MATERNITY CLOTHES!? isn't she pregnant with number FIVE...she doesn't NEED any. and well you should think that. because i thought that. then i tried on my capris. my favorite, can't buy at the store anymore, capris...do NOT FIT!! apparently even though i've only gained ten pounds it's all gone to my belly and butt! because they're too tight for me in the butt and hip area. i seriously tried to just wear them and maybe they'd 'loosen' up...i couldn't  handle it.

so i went to goodwill to try. i found one pair of capris. and everything else wasn't so in style. but one pair is better than nothing i guess. i really don't want to go to a store and buy something brand new. so i'm hoping to try to go to another goodwill or store like that to see if i can find something to hold me over. i seriously have a clothes issue though. i mean after i had amelya i borrowed my clothes to a friend...and counted my shirts.  i had sixty. as in 6-0. shirts. and that was my FIRST. i've added clothes with each baby! but i will say i need to go through and de-stash, because i know there are things i've not worn in the past two pregnancies. i just love the clothes. and they're fun! i'm more adventurous in my maternity clothes than i am in my regular wardrobe.

hmmm. wednesday was a picture day at the chiro. she wanted the pediatric patients of hers all in a picture with her. it went relatively well. the photographer is a child's photographer...but i don't know. she was interesting to say it in the most polite way. amelya had dad's night at awana. and her and shaun had a great night together. and they went to walmart afterwards. i love how they came home with flowers for ME! shaun isn't a huge flower giver so it was a nice surprise to get some!! he also spoiled his little girl amelya with donuts. chocolate milk. and the princess and the frog movie! ((i never told him i had wanted to give that to them for an easter gift..but oh well)) i'm just blessed to see and hear what a good time they had. i think shaun has the hardest time trying to 'hang out' with amelya because she's so girly. but i'm girly and he's got no issues with me. so it just takes a few times and i'm sure they'll be fine. i told him how i think it's important that he takes the time to do something with each kiddo individually. i honestly never had dad and amanda time. and it would've made our relationship a lot different had we. so i want a personal and friendship relationship with the kids and their dad. and shaun has no problems with that either. amelya is just the hardest because she doesn't have the desire to ride the 4-wheeler or dig in the dirt as much as the other two girls do.

one thing shaun's also told me is how he's worried about dustin. i was like worried? he said he's worried that dustin won't know how to do anything because he's not home all the time like his dad was. ((meaning changing oil, tires, fixing tractors/trucks etc)) my heart broke that he worried about something like that, it's nothing i have ever thought about. i told him dustin will be just fine. and that shaun would find the opportunities to take dustin outside and show him how to fix things etc. ((and with all the girls in the house...i'm sure they'll need a break from all the female-ness :0) )) i don't think they'll have a problem finding time to male bond with each other. which i also think is important. and i was so blessed to know that he was already thinking about it. he keeps telling dustin that he better be ready to pick stones next year! lol.

this week at library time i had someone ask when i'm due. i said july. she looks at dustin and tells him how he won't be the baby anymore. but maybe he'll get a brother he hopes. i smiled, and said, he's getting a sister. she proceeds to say oh poor boy. then i said well my husband had two sisters and he turned out just fine. i'm sure dustin will too. i think it took her for surprise that i said something. then she said how she had a brother who had four older sisters and he's fine too. okay then. so what's the point of dustin hoping for a brother? having sisters isn't going to kill him. damage him. or anything. he's blessed with four sisters and that's that. plus i don't think he knows the difference, nor does he care, between a sister or a brother.

i'm sure i got a comment because i had posted on facebook that morning about learning to just be confident in the calling god's placed on our family. i know all too often i can get drug down by the comment people make ((without clearly thinking them through)) and it affects me. so i'm learning...and it's taken me awhile to do so. how to just be confident and to really truly NOT CARE what 'those' people think. i do find it interesting how people will whisper about you when you're RIGHT THERE! seriously. awhile ago i was wearing a shirt that said 'oh baby' on it, and i was showing but not 'obviously'...they were staring at me and the kiddos and when i walked by the table (it was a buffet place) i clearly heard, but her shirt says oh baby. and how i must be pregnant again. i just smiled to myself and laughed. i don't understand why it's anyone's business i guess.

so that's my goal and mission to continue on being confident. and oh i know i'll continue to be challenged in that, but it's all good. and really a great opportunity, if given, to share my love for chirst with the strangers.

wow. see how something random just goes and goes. maybe it's better for me to just stick to those 'focused' posts. lol.

i only have more things. like YAY!! for shaun's weekend off!! woo hoo. i'm super excited. and he's worked a lot this week so i know he's excited for a weekend off as well.

i've gone through and de-stashed a bunch of our cloth diapers that the elastic were going 'bad' in, and because i'm not handy i figured i'd just sell them and use that to feed my habit for new ones. well it worked out perfectly. i sold 7 not so perfect diapers and got 3 NEW diapers from someone else on craigslist. yes 7 and 3 are not the same number. BUT the 7 i sold i got used to begin with. and the 3 i got were brand new. so 'value' wise, i got more than my money's worth. plus they're super super cute girly diapers. i have mainly gender neutral diapers, and boy colors with a few girly. so i figured i could get some girly ones for miss e.

and i'm also selling some more diapers. they're gro-baby diapers. i don't use them as much as i use our other ones, and figured i may as well try to get some money for them. if anyone is interested here is the link to the ad. if anyone is interested in purchasing them, and you don't live by me...let me know. i'd be willing to ship them to you! or let me know if you have any questions. and as long as i'm letting you know, i also have a peanut shell sling that i'm selling in size large if you're interested. :0) i love to sell to people i actually 'know'.

i'm also excited...i have a wildtree party next week tuesday!! woo hoo!! i have really been trying hard to get some bookings set up for april too. i slowed down after getting pregnant but need some more shows on my calendar. i've noticed since not doing that many parties how money seems a bit tighter. i didn't think my extra little bit added a whole lot, but it truly does! so if you're interested in ordering something you can check out my site and order straight off of their if you want. or if you're interested in a party...i'd love to do one for you. if you're local...i can come to your house and share the goodies with you and your friends. if you're not local. i can mail you some samples and books and you can share them with your friends. it's super easy. and if you're not familiar with wildtree...it's all natural. no msgs. no food dyes. no preservatives. peanut free. let me know if you have any questions! and to help boost my 'getting shows' i'm offering anyone who does at least a $200 party with 5 orders a FREE bottle of grapeseed oil in any flavor PLUS a 'bread' of your choice. ((there's beer bread (but i make mine with sprite), banana bread, pound cake, and more)) again let me know if you're interested!! i appreciate it.

and so i don't end with an advertisement. i feel weird talking about it, i don't want to seem like i'm begging or something. but it's my 'job' and i guess i shouldn't feel weird talking about my job. and i figure if you're not interested...then you won't say anything so who cares! right? right. okay.

i'll end with something about baby e. who's been movin and grovin a lot lately! in fact she is my most active baby during the night. i never remember being woken up during the night due to the baby moving. but she moves quite a bit during the night. usually when shaun's alarm goes off. maybe it wakes her up. but then she's moving around a lot. this morning i nudged shaun and he actually got to feel her moving. so it was fun! i love being able to share that with him!

i also think that i'm going to add faith to her name some how. right now i love the name evaleigh. ((of course i've already said that a bajillion times)) and i think evaleigh jo is cute. jo being after shaun's grandpa. but i really want to add faith to her name, because of all that god's shown me over the past months and through her pregnancy even. does evaleigh jo faith popp. sound like too big of a mouthful? i could just do evaleigh faith. but then it doesn't have anyone 'named after' in her name. and all the other kiddos do. i don't know. we'll see what happens i guess. we do have a few weeks...months really...to fully decide!

so with that. that's that. i'm sorry to ramble but like i said that's what happens. have a great friday!!

10 loving words from you.:

Kelli @ RTSM said...

That was a lot of info! I just bought some vinyl for my cricut, but I haven't cut any yet. Have you done any for your house?!? I would love to see pics! I hope you find some maternity clothes soon:) Have a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

Ok...I didn't read your whole post yet, but wanted to let you know I have LOTS of different sizes of maternity clothes I'd be willing to lend you. So, whenever we get together I'll share my stash with you. I totally understand having to buy new clothes. I had to buy new clothes with each pregnancy, because my body changes so much. Things I wore at the beginning of my pregnancy with V didn't fit at all when I was first pregnant with A. Drove my hubby crazy! ;)

Jill said...

I just 'popped' over here to see how you are doing and saw that you are having a girl! Congratulations!
Enjoy every minute of your massage, girl. You've deserved it! :)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

thank goodness nothing is mundane to God. we are raising up lil christ followers and wow it is such a big task! thank the Lord that we don't have to do it on our own. i feel like a fat failure most of the time. so glad shaun is off and hope you have a great weekend!

Veronica said...

Wow...so much to get caught up on.

Shaun sounds a lot like my Hubby. There are a ton of funny things I'd like to share but can't because he's so private too! He's not a big flower giver any more but I love getting flowers from him when I do!

Yay for Daddy and Amelya time too. It's taken a while for my Hubby to get used to being a dad to girls but he's actually found that it hasn't killed him like he initially thought it would.

So proud of you that you are learning to be more confident in what the Lord has called you to do. I'm still working on that. I have the hardest time with people staring at me when I have the girls out and they see my belly and look at how young Audrey still is.

So exciting that Shaun go to feel Miss E! Alivia is my most active one of all too, esp at night as well!

Love that you want to incorporate Faith in her name! My vote is Evaleigh Faith!

Hope you have a great weekend and I'll be sure to email you if anything changes with the status of the package! :)

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I love random posts. They keep us real, and let everyone know what's in our heads and on our minds. BTW, I was very happy to have you as my "friend". :) Waht a horrible week I had. And I can't even blog it, cuz the person reads it. grrr...

Holly said...

I like the idea of the thank therapy!

Hey, how many grobabys do you have?? I might be interested!

Bridgette said...

Visit my blog, I have something for you. :)

Wendy V said...

Evaleigh Faith sounds like an absolutely beautiful name Amanda...I love it! :) It flows really well!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

one of the cutest blog designs and colors that I have seen today....Doing a little Sunday morning blog hopping...Its snowing here.
I have 2 GREAT GIVEAWAYS that I will draw for tonight ...
stop by and leave a comment...That's all that's needed.