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Friday, April 16, 2010

another winner!

wow. it's friday already. and i seriously haven't blogged since tuesday?!?

it's been a long week. shaun has worked all day and then when he got home from work he's gone out in our fields. so i've hardly saw him til yesterday. he took of off his job work to do our planting of hay. ((we cash crop 120 acres of land)) breigh spent ALL day in the tractor with him. and i had the other three in the house with me. it was fun! and it was fun to do school with amelya just her and i. the planting is done...for that field. we just have our corn and soybean fields to plant...but it's not happening this week i guess. i'm not really sure what shaun's plans are for planting the rest of it. but i'm just glad it's done for now. i've missed him!

oh...and i picked the winner of the wildtree garlic grapeseed oil..it is Stephanie from The Hanes Family. stephanie is actually local to me. and we have plans already to meet up next week! so i'll be bringing the oil for you then stephanie!!

i also decided to quick do an 'hi this is me and my family and blog' type of thing. so i'll quick do that. for those of you who may be new here, or haven't even heard this 'about me' stuff!!

well most of you know my birthday was last week. i turned 27. i'm married to shaun. we've been married almost 6 1/2 years and together almost 11. ((may 22nd is our 'dating anniversary)). i was a sophomore and he was a senior when we started dating, so i guess we're 'high school sweeties'. awwww.

i became a christian the summer before my senior year of high school. but didn't start walking the walk til i went to college the next year. shaun wasn't a christian. we continued dating, but certain aspects of our relationship changed a little...but i still placed shaun before God a majority of the time. after my freshman year of college i worked at a daycare and at the end of the summer i decided to not go back to college. my plan was to take a year off and save up some money. that september i finally realized how God had to come first ALL the time in my relationship with shaun and told him...it's either yes to God and me. or no to God and me. we bawled. and shaun accepted Christ. he'd really been on the fence for awhile and i think just needed that swift kick to one side or the other...i'm SO thankful he choose God's side. by january we were engaged!!

we got married within 10 months of getting engaged. we didn't live together before we were married nor did we do the things married people 'do' ((it wasn't easy. we struggled and stumbled sometimes...but we waited..and it was worth it.)) and now that we were engaged...we wanted to be married!! we got married on our 4 1/2 year 'dating' anniversary...November 22.

a month later we found out we were pregnant. in february we found no  heartbeat. we were shocked, scared and had to endure a long few months with a d/c and then a surgery to remove a cyst on my ovary. shaun took great care  of me. and praise God by june we were pregnant. amelya arrived three days after her due date in march at a whopping NINE POUNDS and FOUR OUNCES! i cried when i saw her the first time. something i thought only happened on tv, lol. after crying for three weeks because i didn't want to go back to work...shaun told me not to. and so i didn't. so we took the leap of faith and haven't looked back.

when amelya was six months old shaun was hurt while working on a corn chopper. the guy working with him accidentally lowered the corn head on him. he ended up with minor injuries considering the accident. and was off of work for two weeks. the next month we found out we were expecting...he really wasn't hurt that bad. :0) as much of a surprise it was we were excited. in june miss breigh arrived 12 days before her due date through an induction to avoid a big baby again. she only weighed 7 lbs 10 ozs. amelya was a great big sister. the adjustment went well. and looking back one to two was the hardest change.

breigh was about seven months old...and we were blessed and surprised to know we were pregnant again. i mean you know it's a possibility when you're not doing anything to prevent it...but we were surprised at how easily it happened. caitlyn arrived in september 8 days before her due date at 8 lbs even. i was convinced she was a boy though. i had bought boy clothes all summer long. when our doctor said 'it's a caitlyn' my mouth literally fell open. the girls were great big sisters and adding another baby into the mix really didn't seem like a big deal at all. when i was pregnant with caitlyn "we" decided that would be our last baby. that's all i thought about my entire pregnancy. i was depressed and sad because i truly LOVE being pregnant. after she was born we were pretty sure our family was set. as God laughed at us from above. :0)

caitlyn was about six months old. i hadn't gotten my friend back  yet since having her. and at that point after my other pregnancies i had. there was literally ONE time it could've happened. but i didn't even feel pregnant. so i went to walmart. with all three girls. hauled them into the handicap stall. and took the test. i seriously thought it was going to say not pregnant. i was shocked when it said the opposite. but as shocked as we were...we were excited. seriously i figured out statistically what the chances were...33%. add that to a date night...and voila. pregnant. :0) in june we found out it was a baby boy. it was the first time we had found out what we having. i bought more boy clothes over the summer and in october 10 days before his due date dustin arrived at 8 lbs 7 ounces.

we hadn't talked about if we were done or not. we just let it happen if it was going to happen. in april we found out 'it happened'. we told everyone on mother's day. the next week i naturally miscarried. we were devestated and i was so naive to think that it happened to me one time it would never happen again. we waited the month to try again. in july we were pregnat. in august we found an empty gestational sac. at the beginning of september i had a d/c. our baby was sent for testing to see if there was a reason why it had happened. the test results came back showing that there were quite a few things wrong with the baby. and that the baby was a boy. it was fun to know, yet also hard at the same time because i was picturing our baby boy then. we decided to name him, but haven't yet decided on a name. i think mainly because until recently i haven't dealt with everything. and now that i have. i'm ready to name him.

at the end of october...we were pregnant again. i was cautiously excited. i bled at the beginning of the pregnancy a few times. and was so scared it was happening AGAIN! but God truly spoke to me. He said trust. and trust i did. everything has been going fine. and in march we found out it's a baby girl. her name is pretty sure going to be Evaleigh and we're deciding on having it be Evaleigh Jo Faith or just Evaleigh Faith. the faith part is important to me because of what God has shown me over the past year. jo would be after shaun's grandpa. ((all the other kids are named after someone in some part of their name)) we're due in july with this baby girl. and i can't wait. now that it's finally NICE OUT in wisconsin...july seems closer every day. and not to mention i bought the cutest little newborn onesies on clearance the other day. and the cutest little cloth diapers.

that's our family in a nutshell. a few other things about 'us'.

we are a homeschooling family. i just started K with amelya in february. she's been doing great and last week read her first story to us!! breigh joins in for pre-K type stuff. and we do it during nap time so it's easier for all of us to concentrate.

we cloth diaper. we've been doing it since dustin was around 3 months old. i had three in diapers at that point! i'm a late potty trainer in some people's eyes i guess. it's usually around 3 that i even start.

i sell wildtree. you know that great oil i gave away? it's from my stash! it's been a great supplemental income to our family. it helps pay for those fun things we like to do. mcd's. rummage sales. etc. if  you're interested check out my site. wildtree is all natural. no msgs. no preservatives. no food dyes or additives. if you have questions please feel free to ask!! i also sponsor reviews and giveaways if you're interested in that!!

shaun works a lot of crazy hours. usually 11-14 hour days. and every other weekend. it's not the job he wants but we both know it's where God has called him to be.

we take our relationship with Christ very importantly. we're not 'religious' we have a relationship with Christ. it's what gets us through each second of each day. we're trying our best to instill these things in our children. no greater joy would it bring me than to see my children always walking with Christ. amelya has accepted Jesus in her heart along with Breigh. and i pray the rest are soon behind them.

and in case you didn't notice my blog title is 'popp'ing out one letter at a time. Amelya Breigh Caitlyn Dustin E(valeigh-probably) we never intentionally did a then b. but once we did and our pediatrician was the first to realize it...we decided we couldn't stop. :0) and we're leaving it up to God to finish our alphabet. at whatever letter He chooses too.

and i probably missed a whole lot of details. but if you really want to know something...just ask. i'll answer it for you. i'm sorry i haven't been around to your blogs a lot this week either! today won't be any better. i have errands to run with the kiddos and a chiro appointment. so i'll be back in full force (hopefully) monday!! shaun's off this weekend!! i'm stoked! :0) have a great weekend friends.

8 loving words from you.:

Kristin said...

I LOVED reading all of that about you!!! What a beautiful family God has blessed you with!! I also got pregnant right after we were married, 3 mos. after. My girls are all 3 years apart though....it just naturally happened that way and now we missed our 3 year mark for a baby #4 and have never done anything to prevent pregnancies, so I do believe that how many children you have is definitely completely in God's hands. I'm not sure if we'll ever have any more. It does make me sad, because we aren't really the ones making that decision, but I trust the Lord knows exactly what He's doing. I hope you have a great weekend!! And Congrats to Stephanie for winning!

mittelmommy said...

even though i knew it all pretty much, it was fun to read again!
can't wait to hear what baby boy's name is! ;) and not that i count, but i like evaleigh jo faith..and i kept thinking the other day when we were talking that -that name sounded familiar then it hit me that dawn in washington's little girl is evalyn...not the same but kinda close!
so cool how you and a got to have some special alone time during school yesterday!
see you tomorrow bright and early!
ps-i was looking at that site for blog designs the other day...would u wanna do mine sometime?

{:miss v:} said...

I loved this post! Since I'm a fairly new reader, it was nice to get to 'know' you!

The story about your relationship and pregnancies was especially lovely.

Glad your hubby is off this weekend, hope you guys have a fabulous time together as a family!

Stephanie said...

Yay! You know I LOVE Wildtree and that's one of the oils I don't have. Thanks Amanda!

I loved reading your story, even though I've heard it before. I laughed when you said, "he really wasn't hurt that bad". Haha! And I love that you're leaving it up to God. That's kind of where we're at too. Well, I've been there, but Ted is slowly starting to agree with me. ;) He said the other day, "I guess we could find room for a third baby in our house"...so, it's up to Him. Of course...having said that, the thought of having THREE kids kind of scares me, especially since having two is making me crazy some days. But I know being a mom is exactly where God wants me to be and I just don't think our family is complete yet. Anyways...I'm excited to see you next week. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i enjoyed reading your story! i didn't know about a lot of it so now i feel all filled in! goodness.. i must never complain about being overwhelmed with my one child and one on the way. you are amazing!!! you are a baby making machine! ; ) praise the Lord for His miracles and blessing our lives with babies!

Holly said...

Thanks for sharing! It was really fun to read it. I think it's so awesome you guys waited til you were married. I so wish that Anth and I would've done that. It would've been so special.

Fox Family said...

I love this!! For not having much time you sure got alot of writing done. Hope the Chiro went well!

Alicia said...

Oh my gosh, don't tell me I missed your b-day! Did you have it on Facebook notifications? LOL!

Well, if I did, Happy belated, my friend!!!!