i don't claim to know it all. i don't claim to be perfect. i just claim to love jesus.

Monday, April 19, 2010


as in...i have no idea what to blog about. i mean i could blog about a ton of things. but feel it's all very random.

so i guess it'll be random. and hopefully 'short'...you know...for me!!

we had a good weekend. friday night we cut my parents lawn...and when i say we i mean shaun. i sat in the van with the kids reading a book. ((my parents came home from jamaica on saturday and we figured it'd be nice to cut the lawn so they didn't have to worry about it when they got home))

saturday i was gone all day. there was a women's day sponsored by a local church that my friend and i went to. it was a nice day. and we each took a class about photography and living 'green'. the photography class was nice, but seemed more directed at point and shoot cameras, which makes sense when most people have those. so i'll have to find a class about DSLR cameras i can take. i need hands on teaching and am not sure i'd do so well learning on line. i don't know. the 'green' class was alright. i didn't learn too much more than i already knew. almost everything we have/use has yucky chemicals in it. i'm trying hard to not use those yet while keeping it balanced. like sure i'll buy organic eggs...but we still go to mcd's. :0) can't take away ALL the fun! speaking of mcd's we went there saturday for supper with my same friend and her family. the kids loved playing together and 'us parents' had a nice time chatting and talking too. it's nice to have friends our age to hang out with. and we've all been friends since high school. well our husbands weren't in high school when we really started hanging out more, but either way...it's been a long time! it's fun now to see our kids being friends.

sunday was a good day too. shaun and i had children's church. it was fun and i love to teach the little ones. they all seemed to have some spring fever in them! they did great during church but couldn't wait to get outside once we were done. after church we went to walmart and then came home. it was nice to spend the afternoon at home. shaun took the two older girls outside and i actually read my book and then napped. i was very tired, and  my back has really been hurting me all weekend. so it was nice to rest. shaun grilled out for supper and got a few of the kids' outside toys out. so they all had fun playing with their toys. although amelya says we have to get dustin his own house because he's not going to want to play in the pink barbie one. lol.

speaking of that barbie house, i got a great deal on it at a rummage sale a few years ago. and i can't wait for rummage sale time this year. i love to rummage sale!! it's a great way to get such great deals. amelya and dustin are my main goals for this year. and of course the other three girls are bound to get something...i also love looking for homeschooling stuff. it's a great way to get some nice things for cheap!

and today is a day of catch up. since i was gone all day saturday i have to do a bit of picking up. shaun did a TON of laundry and we worked on it a bit last night, but i have to finish that up. and then do some more. my goal is to try and stay ON TOP of it so it doesn't get to be so much on the weekends.

i also have to prepare school for this and next week so i think we'll be off to the library this morning so i can make some copies faster than with our machine. plus our printer is out of ink. so it'd be easier to go to the library to do it. and then of course go to walmart to get the things we forgot yesterday. lol. as soon as we got home we realized a few things we needed and didn't get!! that always happens. it'd be better if i made a list i suppose, but we'd still forget something i'm sure!

and my sweet sister is having a wildtree party tomorrow. so i have to prepare for that too. i usually do it the day of the party, but i'm meeting some friends at the mom and pop place after dance tomorrow, so i don't want to rush around. tomorrow is the last day of dance class. next week is the rehearsal and then the weekend is the recitial already! crazy.

that means summer will soon be here and it will be so much more 'laid back' we won't have any day we HAVE to do anything. i'm excited for that. right now we just have dance tuesdays and story time wednesdays. but i'm sure we'll still find stuff to do, because i won't be able to stay home every single day! that's a lot!! i don't the last time i've stayed home all week.

okay. so i think i'm done rambling. and i also think i succeeded in rambling a whole bunch of nothing. oh well. hope you all had a great weekend!! i'll try to think of something more interesting for next time...

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carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i'm so glad you weren't referring to another kind of blockage. ; ) and why do you need a photog class?! your pictures look perfect to me! happy catch up day!

Ashley said...

i like your ramblings! most of the time i feel that is all i'm ever doing, but i enjoy it, and enjoy reading yours! :)

Fox Family said...

I find it hysterical that you say you have nothing to write about, yet you still have a long post! ha

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

your ramblings are always so great Amanda!

Kim D said...

I'm new to this world of blogging. It's nice to stumble upon a new blog as everyone has such a neat little story to tell!

Love your blog, and love your beautiful photos of your babies!! Thanks for sharing, and I hope you don't mind if "join this crazy ride"! :)

Crazy for Cloth! said...

Cute post! I just gave you an award. Come check it out!


Stephanie said...

Was that the Ladies' Retreat in Chilton? I went to it last year, but it didn't work this year with A still being so little. We should take a photography class together when I get my new camera - that would be fun! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Stephanie said...

I just found you blog and I wanted to tell you that I love the header that says you don't know it all, you just love Jesus. Me too! :) I will be back to read more later!

Miller Racing Family said...

Sometimes it is great just to ramble.
I was about to get jealous as I thought you were mowing the lawn. That is one thing I can't wait to do once our baby girl gets here. I know it is crazy but I love to mow the grass as it is fabulous me time, no phones, no emails, no one needing me. Just me a the lawn how stress free.
Hope you have a restful but productive day.

Tristan said...


He & Me + 3 said...

I love rummage sales too. So many good finds. That is sweet of your sister to have a wildtree party. you are doing so well with that.
Oh I love dance recital time. Don't forget to post pictures:)