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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my little dancers

yesterday was the last dance 'class' of the year. next week is rehearsal and the recitial. SO excited.

we got their pictures yesterday too. i was not impressed at all with their group shots. but i can't change it. my girls didn't smile for their individual shots...but i KNEW that would happen. sometimes part of me wishes they'd just be more outgoing in public. then i realize..everyone is different. and believe it or not..i'm SHY until i feel comfortable too. and their daddy is way shy. so they get it from everywhere!!

nonetheless here are their individual pictures::


i LOVE her classes costumes. they're super cute. and it's cuter in person.

even though she looks like she's in pain and could possibly kill someone...she was in a good mood. i promise.

i had forgotten until i saw the picture that she had a black eye the week of this picture. oh well. adds character to the whole ballerina thing. i do love her pointed toes. and look at her hands all perfect.  she is my ballerina.

we got to watch in the class their practicing yesterday. caitlyn did great, and i'm just praying she does SOMETHING at the recitial. she's never been on stage before. next week tuesday though they'll practice on stage. and i think she'll be just fine. i can't wait to see her little class!!

breigh has really picked up a lot this year. and i can see a lot of improvement in her skills. it's so fun to see her grow through the year. she's more confident in herself too i can see. which is great. i want them to be confident of themselves in all things. dance. with friends. and more importantly in their love of Jesus.

amelya did so great yesterday in practice. the first few times we've been 'allowed' in she puts her head down the whole time and her cheeks are red because she's embarassed. yesterday she kept her head up more and even looked at me a few times. she does great at the routine. and can be often found dancing around our living room. earlier in the year her teacher told me what a great job amelya does, and i can see how she takes the time to perfect her moves and by looking at the picture you can see how 'important' it is to 'look' the dancer part. i'm excited to see what God has in store for her in dancing. it may be nothing too. but i'm excited either way.

**and on a completely different note. nothing to do with dancing. my sister had her wildtree party last night. it turned out great so far. a little shy of $400. my goal for her party is to get it up to 575. because then i'll hit over 1000 for the month. so in case anyone 'needs' anything let me know. we can have it shipped right to your house!! ((if you are interested check out my site and then email me with the order...or if you'd rather you can order it straight from my site. it just wouldn't count towards her show sales, but counts towards my 1000 in sales. i know it's confusing.))

and another wildtree note. i made a fan page for my business on facebook. feel free to 'like' it. as facebook changed it from 'fan of' to 'likes'. nothing can ever just stay the same for them can it?!

one last wildtree note. IF you'd like to wait til may to order you can. because ANYONE who orders in may will have their name in a drawing for ALL of the NEW MAY RELEASED products!!

Smoked Mozzarella & Tomato Blend--this is SO GOOD!
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AND anyone who HOSTS a party in MAY will have their name the drawing FIVE times.

may is my anniversary month with wildtree so i wanted to do something special! we had the smoked mozzarella blend at my party last night and i booked a party because everyone wanted to buy it but couldn't because it's not may. sneaky!! but it worked. :0)**

and now. i'm done. have a great day!

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Little Moments Like That said...

Love your girls dance photos, each one has their own little personality...so cute!

I love your Wildtree products, I think I may hold out until May to place an order...something about being entered into that drawing!! :)

Thanks for sharing!

Kristin said...

I love the girls' costumes and pictures! My girls are in dance too and I just love everything about it. It's such a great activity for them to be in! My girls have always been super shy around strangers too. We took our first family photo last year and Lily looked terrified, like she had just seen a ghost. ha! Hope they have fun at recital. Ours is in June, so I'll be posting their pics in the future :)

Kelli @ RTSM said...

The dance pictures are adorable! I love that Amelya has her toes pointed so perfectly! You aren't going to what to do when Dustin starts playing sports:) All the wildtree stuff sounds so good!

Dee said...

LOVE their little outfits. My cousin teaches dance and I'm sure your little girls will come out of their shells and be more outgoing the longer they continue to dance. It teaches them great stage presence and self esteem!

He & Me + 3 said...

Their costumes are so cute. Wow Breigh and Amelya are twins. Your girls are beautiful. Hope that the recital is fun for them all.
Great job with the wildtree!

Rachel said...

Love the dance photos. All three of my girls all take ballet (have for many years)...and I know how precious those pictures are to you!


McCrakensx4 said...

Oh I was a dancer once upon a time but then I had 2 boys and now I am a football, basketball and baseball mom!! Love their costumes...too cute! And your oldest with her pointed toes...love it!

Stephanie said...

I love those pictures! So cute. My cousins passed some of their old dance costumes on to my girls, they love to play dress-up in them.

~*Michelle*~ said...

Those photos make my heart (and uterus) go thumpa thumpa!

Love them!

** and just think, you'll be needing another tu-tu soon enough!

-stephanie- said...

Your girls are stunning!

Um Wildtree party in May?....I think I'll pass for now. ;o)

Jessica said...

Such cutie pies! What little ladies.....even with a black eye! I think it's great you have them in dance - it will be so good for their self confidence!

Holly said...

I bet they are so adorable dancing!! That's funny they didn't smile. That's something they can laugh at later on when they're older.

SMALLS said...

They remind me of those old time portraits where kids weren't allowed to smile.
Oh...and I might need some Wildtree if you need some toys.....hehehe : )

{Kimber} said...

their costumes are so adorable!!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

your ballerina gals are gorgeous! i love breigh's expression - priceless! ha! congrats on the awesome wildtree success! that is fantastic!

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh I love the pics. They are super cute. Can't wait to hear about their recital.

Glad to know your WildTree business is doing well. I pray continued blessings!

Alicia said...

They look so pretty, Amanda! They are like little dolls!!! And with their expressions, it looks almost vintage. Does that make sense???

blueviolet said...

They are SUCH pretty girls!!! The costumes are just elaborate, aren't they? How come my mom made me wear a long sleeved solid black cotton leotard?

I was such a deprived child.

Kristin said...

Their faces are hilarious!! Reminds me of my kids. They have so much personality at home and then we go out and you'd think they were social misfits. :-)