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Friday, April 30, 2010

Planting Chums

hannah, over at aspire has been doing this....

4 - Four Fridays of CONNECTIONS (forging friendships)

for the past three fridays. today is the last friday. and i've remembered to play along. oh yeah, and there's giveaways to win for doing it too. :0)

this weeks topic is just four random facts about you...well rather me...because i probably don't know random things about YOU. since i'm good at random. i thought i'd participate.

1. i love numbers. as in when i see your blog and you have 48 followers...i wish i could find you two more to hit 50. or when you have 9 comments...i love being number 10. i just like to make them 'even' or 'odd' because if it'd be 64 i'd have the desire to make it 65. weird. i know. BUT i will only use odd numbers of paper towel. it has to be either 5 or 9 paper towels. never ever 7. i have NO idea why. i also love watching the odometer (that's what it's called right?) switch over to round numbers...our van recently turned over to 80000 and i missed it, and was seriously a bit sad. lame. i know.

2. i hate shaving my legs. like really hate it. i usually don't almost all winter. and if i know i'm only wearing capris...will only shave the bottom half of my legs. BUT i have to shave my armpits almost every day or it grosses me out.

3. i wish i could sew. i have sewn before. but it's been years. and it was for 4-H and it was a pair of cowprint shorts. now i wish i could sew so i could make my own baby carriers. and diapers. and just other random fun things. SHAUN has a sewing machine, he got one for christmas a few years ago. maybe i'll have to pull it out and play around. but i think i'm not paitent enough for sewing. or i'm too hard on myself  if it's not 'perfect'.

4. i played tennis. and i miss it terribly. i haven't picked up a raquet in awhile. but everytime i do i think about slamming the ball around. one of these years i'll get to it. i would LOVE to put the girls in tennis lessons. but only if they want to, which is probably why i haven't. i took lessons and enjoyed it. BUT i will only play singles. i don't like playing doubles. i guess it's because i'd rather just blame myself for losing rather than having another person on my team to 'blame'. i didn't like team sports in high school for that reason. i only played tennis and was on the forensics team and in band. i guess i was sort of a 'nerd' rather than a jock.

so there are four random things. hopefully i haven't already said them in other 'random' posts.

today i am 29 weeks pregnant. wow. if i would go to full term i'd have 11 weeks left. but because i do not go to full term, because i choose to be induced, because i don't want to have another big baby and tear from here to there...i have like 10 weeks left. 10. as in next week it's 9. a single digit number. YIKES!! it seems to be going be SO fast. i have my glucose test today. i don't mind drinking the 'orange drink'. proabably because i love sweets.

and because this is a random post. here's a random picture. shaun bought me roses for my birthday the other week. and i just liked this picture of one. all i did was add a 'vignette'. i thought it was pretty. like i said random.

so. i hope you all have a super great weekend!! the girls' dance recitial is tomorrow. so excited!! {all i have to do is find where i stuck the tickets. so i would 'know' where they were. ha}

14 loving words from you.:

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

yay! so glad you joined in! the numbers thing is so funny - i love it!!!

i want to sew, too!!! i can't even thread a needle... i've had to get my hubby to do it.

tennis! i love tennis! but when i play it's called "fetching balls" because i'm so terrible. i bet you don't want to play doubles because you're so good and you don't want anyone to bring you down! : )

10 more weeks!!! woo hoo!!! yuck to the glucola. i didn't mind it but i completely felt like a goofball going in there with orange lips, teeth and tongue. i tried talking with my mouth closed.

SMALLS said...

I can't believe it's only 10 weeks! We are both in the same position where we'll be going early (mine scheduled c-section) and I'm floored that I'm rolling up on only 9 weeks. I don't think I'm ready for this!
Good luck on the glucose test!

Kristin said...

I love reading totally random things like that! I have a thing with numbers too. I'm always counting things, etc. Have fun at the girls' recital!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I am the same way about numbers! And the odometer thing made me laugh, because I do the same thing! You could learn to sew...if I can do, I know you can! I can be really hard on myself about sewing everything perfectly too. But I have learned that everything doens't have to be perfect to be pretty!

the thrifty ba said...

i have a numbers thing on the dvr. if i stoip it (and the show isnt recodring) it needs to be on an even number.

He & Me + 3 said...

Gorgeous flower. That is so pretty. You are too funny with the number thing. But I love it. I wish I could sew too. My mom is a fabulous seamstress. i can't sew a button. One day:)

Kristin said...

Fun post!

Wow. Ten weeks seems so close, especially considering I have twenty weeks left! In my case, I've been anywhere from 1 weeks late to 2.5 weeks early, but I've never had to be induced. The babies were between 7 pounds and a little over 9 pounds. :-)

Alicia said...

Wow, 29 weeks already?? What a blessing, Amanda!!!!

And how sweet that your husband bought you roses!! Love it!

cait said...

what sweeties you have!! so cute! blessings to you as you continue in your pregnancy! fun facts...I find myself being a little silly with numbers sometimes too. haha. oh the things we put our minds through. :)

and kudos to you for cloth diapering...my momma did that with me for a while. how admirable! Especially in our fast-paced, do whatever is convenient for you, world!

enjoy your week!!

BabyMommaBlog said...

this sounds really neat :) I hope your girls dance recitial went well. I can't wait to get Isabella into dance. She is going to love it! I hope you had a great weekend :)

blueviolet said...

I'm exactly like you with shaving! I HAVE to do the pits every single day or I feel disgusting!

You crack me up with your even number desires!

That is just a lovely pink rose!

Cole said...

mmm orange drink. the first time I had it was horrible! 2nd time I actually liked it. Guess depends on the baby. Such a cute blog!
I'm following. :)

nicole visiting from

Wild and Precious said...

love your blog and your sweet little alphabet!

p.s. i have a new giveaway for silver earrings that i think you might like. i hope you'll check it out www.wild-and-precious.com

Holly said...

I'm laughing right now. Not at you (well, kinda a little b/c of the numbers thing) but b/c I could relate to some of your things! Like I am not a fan of shaving either. I go most of the winter not doing it. Armpits too sadly. lol I'm not even good at doing it in the summer b/c I wear scrubs at work. I will do it if I plan to wear shorts or a tanktop.

I wish I could so also. I would make so many cool things!!!