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Monday, May 03, 2010

pregnancy update: 29 weeks!

How far along? as of today 29 weeks 3 days, i can't believe how fast it's seeming to go!

Total weight gain/loss: okay. i'm all for honesty. so at the beginning of my pregnancy i was 177. on friday at my appointment i was 199. so i guess that means 22. yikes. that seems like a lot. giving that i have at least ten more weeks to go, i'm thinking i'm not going to stay at my goal of 200 or under. BUT it could happen.

Maternity clothes? absolutely yes! and i love them. on friday i wore my 'good things come in large bellies shirt' i LOVE that shirt. and the receptionist at the hospital said "that would be a bad shirt for a guy to wear". i totally lauged. and pictured a bald old chubby guy in a shirt saying that. :0) nothing against bald old chubby guys...but it would look funny! lol.

Stretch marks? not noticing any new ones. but that could have something to do with the fact i can't see the underside of my belly so well.

Best moment this week? i don't know if it's the 'best' but something 'interesting' this week was that for the first time EVER in any of my pregnancies i am measuring EXACTLY where i 'should' be. 29 at 29 weeks. generally i measure 1-3 weeks ahead!

Movement: yeppers. i love it. and amelya is obsessed with finding where the baby is. it's fun. she's really starting to 'roll' more too, i love watching my belly jiggle all around, for a GOOD reason!!

Food cravings: still sweets. anything sweet. like the big bag of salt water taffy from fleet farm. yummy!! i've eaten almost all my favorite colors out of it. i also have been really wanting strawberries lately, but not ones from walmart, they tend to not be so good. i want the fresh picked from the vine strawberries! :0)

Gender: a girl!! and we're 'for sure' naming her evaleigh. my doctor asked me on friday if we had names and she said how much she liked it and had never heard it before. i took it as a compliment and shaun said because she liked it, then it must be good. ((have i ever said boys are weird?! lol. he was being kidding...i think?))

Labor Signs: nope. but that's fine with me!!

Belly Button in or out? pretty much all out. and amelya asked me what it was the other day! lol.

What I miss: hmmm. i miss not having a ton of pressure under my ribs. :0) that's a lame one. but miss baby girl e LOVES her mamas ribs. she's up there a lot. so i'm a mean mama, and try pushing her down. she doesn't cooperate all the time though. lol.

What I am looking forward to: i'm starting to get super excited to meet her. i know it's a bit early to start getting SO excited. but i keep trying to picture her in my head. and picture us carrying around a carseat. and picture the girls and dustin being big siblings. and then i start to say...slow down!! i want to enjoy every last second of it all!!

Weekly Wisdom: this is staying the same as it has been:: enjoy it. every single second. as much as you can. ((i've not had to endure weeks/months of throwing up and i'm sure it can be hard to enjoy that)) so enjoy the time that you're not feeling sick and not throwing up. and enjoy the non-headache moments...because all too soon they baby is here in your arms and not your belly. and remember no matter HOW miserable you feel...there are women out there who'd give ANYTHING to be in your place!

Milestones: because i'm between weeks...the baby is somewhere between the size of a squash and a head of lettuce. :0) and 15 inches long. wowzers. good thing there's only about 5-7 inches for her to grow...'only'

so like i said, i had my glucose test friday. it went fine. well mostly fine. i was a big dork, and brushed my teeth about five minutes before drinking the orange drink. ummm can we say NASTY. no. double nasty. i seriously had a stomach ache and felt like i could barf at any moment. it was bad!! and not fun!! i survived though. my mom watched the kids for me so it that was nice. since she lives close to the hospital i walked up the street to my appointment.

i've also noticed i've become more of an air head lately. i'll blame the pregnancy i guess. someone asked me and was CLEARLY pointing at my belly...boy or girl? i looked at her and said boy or girl what? she said baby? oh yeah. duh. girl i said. :0) geesh. then at the doctor one of the ladies asked when are you due? i said the 16th. she said of may? june? oh. july. i said. man alive! i felt silly, but it's not that big of a deal!!

the girls' dance recital went well. they did SO GOOD!! here is a link to the album of pictures from their rehersal. i figured that's a bit easier than loading them all on to here too!!

and because it's may, i would like to remind you that ANY sized order of wildtree is put in a drawing for ALL of the NEW may release products. go to my site and check it out!! if you're local you can email me and i can add your order on to a party i'm having tomorrow to save you on shipping costs. if you're not local, sorry, but the easiest way is for you to order straight through my site.

and anyone intersted in booking a show gets their name in FIVE times for the drawing for the products!

and like i said i'm having a party tomorrow. i'm excited. it's a 'lunch hour' party so i go to my aunt's work during their lunch hour and set up. they eat and learn about wildtree. and i'm done. it's a fun way to do a party!! and thanks to my sweet friend chantae for watching the kiddos for me!

so that's all i have for today!! hope you all have a great night!!

12 loving words from you.:

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

It's called Placenta brain, and I still have it. And Little Man will be 10 this month!! :) I'm glad things asre moving along smoothly.

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

happy happy 29 weeks and 3 days!!! woo hoo! i concur with the placenta brain. ; ) evaleigh is a gorgeous name! i love it! what a precious baby girl she is. speaking of belly buttons, my hunter thinks my belly button is the baby. he looks at daddy's belly button and says something that sounds like "baby." then he looks at his own belly button and does the same thing. he's in for quite the shock. lol! i agree with the "enjoy it" thing. no matter how big or uncomfortable it gets, it is such a blessing!!!

He & Me + 3 said...

YOu are too funny. I liked reading this post. So much to know and keep up with when you are pregnant. Enjoy every second of it...I totally agree.

Mama Campbell said...

I'm glad things are going well & holy cow the weeks fly by! I didn't realized how close we were due! :o) I'm due July 30th. And am so with you about the pregnancy brain! I use post-it notes to help me remember things, and then I forget where I put them. haha. I am trying to really enjoy each and every moment and savor everything this time too.

{:miss v:} said...

Glad to hear everything is going well! With all my preggo bloggie friends, I'm getting major baby fever! haha!

Actually Ben and I discussed it this weekend and we plan to start trying for #2 in November! Exciting!

Have fun at your party tomorrow...that sounds like a ton of fun! ;)

Veronica said...

It was fun reading your update! I'm so excited that things are going so well and that you're so far along already! Seems like when I was pregnant, time just drug on and now that I'm not pregnant anymore, it seems like time is just flying!

Wish there was a way to ship some strawberries from here to you! We live in an aggie area and all around us are crops, including a TON of strawberry fields. I just love this season and have been enjoying our strawberries!

P.S. Thank you so much for getting with Stephanie to make the moby wrap for me! I love it and can't wait to for Livvie and I to use it!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I am so excited that you have picked a name! How fun! You are getting so close to meeting baby E! I always craved sweets when I was pregnant too! And yuck to the brushing your teeth before the glucose test! That stuff is bad enough on it's own!

Jessica said...

I know it's probably not your favorite part of all of this, but I love your "baby brain" stories. I'm cracking up at the "16th of what?" comment. Too funny. SO glad you're feeling so good!

Fox Family said...

Glad you finalized in the name department. Sure babygirl was starting to get a bit confused. HAHA YAY for 29 weeks!

christy rose said...

I can't believe that you are 29 weeks already! It just seems like yesterday that you announced that you were pregnant. Life goes so fast!!!

Bridget said...

Loving this post and the chance to get to "meet" you! Congratulations on baby number five and week 29! Cute name you picked out for her, too.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today! I love making new blog friends :D

Holly said...

Last night I was trying to mix some plums and yogurt with my baby food processor to make some popsicles for Kyndra and to use the thing you have to put a lid on and then put the motor on top of it and press down. Well I kept pressing down and it wasn't working. Thought for sure it was broken so I put the stuff in the fridge til Anthony got home. He comes home and I ask him about it. Turns out it works. I just forgot to put the lid on it first!