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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

time flies.

so it's been a crazy few weeks here. and i've had hardly any time for computer time. just random stops at facebook and that's about all! insane.

this past weekend we had Christmas at our house with my family, so i was busy preparing for that all last week. and our washing machine was *finally* fixed!! so i had over 3 weeks worth of laundry to do. it took three full days of laundry but i got it done! and all caught up. i also am happy to be using cloth diapers again. i had SO many blowouts using the disposables with evaleigh. i didn't have ONE with cloth before that. so i wrecked a whole bunch of outfits. and even had to bring her home pantless one day because i wasn't used to an extra outfit. lol. ((i did not forget one after that day!))

last week i also took some time to visit my grandpa. he hadn't met evaleigh yet, and it's noone's fault but my own. and i needed to introduce the two. i'm pretty sure the smile didn't leave his face the entire time we were there. he just sat and watched the kiddos. and when he held evaleigh he just smiled at her. it blessed me to know that he was so blessed. here is a picture of me and my grandpa with all the kiddos.
sometimes i really struggle with the fact my grandma, his wife, never got to meet our kids. amelya is named after her. my grandma's middle name was amelia. part of me hopes there is a hole in the floor of heaven that she can see us through. and i know she would be smiling as big as my grandpa does. ack. now i get myself all emotional. :) the Christmas holiday is always hard without her. but i just remember the good things about her and the fun memories i've been blessed to have.

i haven't blogged much lately. and i don't think i shared my 'goal' of weightloss either. well my goal is to lose 25lbs ish by spring/summer. basically bringing me down to about 140-145. what i was before i had kids. i started out at 175ish after having evaleigh. i'm SO stoked to say i'm down to 165ish. (give or take a lb depending on when i weigh myself. lol) it's such a huge blessing for me. i've been trying to do my zumba workout dvd on the wii. and i've quit buying soda. but will have soda out to eat. ((or when i crave the $1 coke from mcd's))

i'll say that i haven't noticed a 'change' when i look in the mirror, but do notice some pants are loosening up. woo hoo. but yesterday i went to my favorite local boutique, bellybeans. and she noticed. it made my heart smile. and to know that i'm actually accomplishing something i set my heat on. that doesn't always happen. i'm just praying for the willpower to quit after a FEW peanutbutter balls instead of a LOT. :) my goal now is to maintain the weightloss through the holidays and then get back at it after...and after my california trip.

which is TWO WEEKS AWAY!! i'm super stoked to meet veronica! and have a fantastic trip with stephanie. stephanie and her little ones came over today to plan out some trip stuff and it makes it all real. i showed her what i got at bellybeans yesterday too. i was NOT planning on getting it. but it called my name. and i justified it by saying it will be my carry on bag/diaper bag for our flight...so i'll introduce you to my new 'bag'..
isn't it pretty? it's actually HUGE!! the sides have buttons on it to make it bigger. so it will be perfect. even more perfect...i got it for 20% off! :) i LOVE the owner of bellybeans. she's super fantastic and makes me want to shop there all the time. good for her. bad for my checkbook. but really...great customer service is what keeps me going back to places. and bellybeans has great customer service. and puts up with my kiddos rearranging her shelves of socks. :)

so yeah. busy. that's all that describes it here lately. i've just been trying to live in the moment, and not stress about stuff that really doesn't matter. and thankfully God's been keeping that going for me. i don't know. i just really have been taking a big 'chill pill' about stuff i normally cared too much about. most of the stuff doesn't even really truly matter. and it's such a 'release' to not have to 'care' about it anymore. so i encourage you. to take a chill pill. realize that if you don't get out Christmas cards this  year...it really is okay...even if you *really* wanted to. :) realize that spending time with the kiddos who'd be in the pictures on that card aren't little forever and spending time with them...is well...a lot more important. ((can you tell what was bugging me. lol))

anyways. i've rambled a bit. but i wanted to get on and blog because i miss you guys. i just love this little blogging community. :) i may be an AWFUL commenter...but i am a good reader and have been peeking in on you. :)

if i don't get on before...have yourself a Merry little Christmas!!

8 loving words from you.:

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I hope you have a great Christmas Amanda...and have an awesome time in California too:)

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

-stephanie- said...

Love the grandpa picture with all the little ones. He (and you) looks so proud.
Love the new bag! Nice!
Have a wonderful, safe trip.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Kristin said...

I loved reading this post about what you've been up to! I totally did not send Christmas cards and decided not to give myself a hard time about it. :D That's great about your weight loss goal.....I want to do that too! Wish I could be there in CA with you girls, but I know you'll have a blast and I'll look forward to hearing all about it!

Kristin said...

I did mail out my cards this year, but I've let a lot of other meaningless stuff stress me out. :-( Silly stuff. Helps to put it all in perspective.

Merry Christmas to the seven of you from the seven of us. :-)

Holly said...

I'm sure you've been busy!! Congrats on the weight loss! That's great! I'm sure you'll be able to reach your goal and that'll make you feel great I bet!

The bag you got is really cute! I would love a little boutique like that near me

Veronica said...

First of all...sorry for being a week late to comment! Second...woo hoo on the weight loss! You're doing so much better than me, as you'll see when you are here NEXT WEEK! I can't believe we're almost there. So very excited!

Love your new bag thanks for the reminder to take a chill pill! I needed to hear that!

Stephanie said...

I'm SO behind! I love love your bag - it's gorgeous!!!!!!!

You guys are going to have a wonderful trip - so fun!

Hope you had a great Christmas!!!