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Monday, March 14, 2011

scatter brain.

if you know me at all in real life...you'll know i'm pretty much scatter brained. i can talk about one thing move to the next and back again without skipping a beat...or taking a breath. and i suppose by reading my blog you could figure out the same thing. truth is. i love it. and second truth. this post will be that as well.

i have mountian popp in my sights. you've never heard of it?! come to my laundry room...and you shall find it. you see i spent last week avoiding all laundry. not on purpose, but i was busy doing other things around the house. i got the girls' room clean. as in...you can SEE ALL of the carpet. it's organized. and i'm in love. well as in love as you can be with a bedroom for your children. by organizing the girls' room i also got the toy room organized. again...in love. we purged a TON of toys as well. i'd say between 25 and 30 percent of our toys went off to goodwill. and it feels SO good. not only to get rid of the things we don't need. but to also be able to bless other kiddos. i love to show my kids how to give, and i love their giving hearts. especially when amelya takes a barbie in her hand...holds her. loving stares at her. and  then looks at me and says...i don't need this barbie anymore. i could see her debating with herself in her head, yet her giving heart was willing to "sacrifice" this precious barbie.

because of the amount of stuff we had to take to goodwill, we needed to take shaun's truck. well we all can't fit into shaun's truck.so we asked his sister to watch the kiddos for us. and then we took the stuff to goodwill...AND got a date out of it. super perfect. it was the first date that was just the two of us. no baby. ((and the baby refused to drink the bottle and just went to bed...but slept thru the night. so it was still a success in my book.)) we went to a hibachi grill. our first time. it was good. minus the broccoli the guy wanted to fling in my mouth. i refused. i do not like broccoli. well okay i've never tried it...but the smell is enough to make me avoid it at all costs! we went to culver's for some ice cream. and then came home. it was a 'short' date. but it was super fun. and in shaun's truck i get to sit right next to him. so that was nice too. and reminded me of when we were dating and i'd always sit next to him. ((all together now..."awwwww"))

we sort of had a "date" yesterday too. my MIL took the three older girls to a movie. so we had the two littles. we went shopping for a new clock. because our old one fell off the wall when i was hammering in a nail to hang a picture. and let's just say...it was the last fall for our poor clock. it never came back. which is totally cool...because i got a great new clock. and for cheaper. it was scratched a bit. so i asked at the service desk if i could get it for cheaper. i saved 3 bucks! little over 10%. awesome. totally pays to ask!!

the girls are loving their "new" room. and so am i. of course i told YOU that already. i really think amelya is enjoying it the most. i've found her upstairs in their room all by herself just chillin. and reading her Bible. we bought her, her own Bible for her birthday. a pink sparkly one. it's soooo cool to see her reading it. it's a "big person's" Bible. as in NKJV. it's cool because she is at the reading level to be able to read it by herself and not need much help. she also takes it to church with her and they've been showing her where in her Bible the verse is. when i talked to adam (her teacher) after church yesterday he thought it was so cool that she's been opening up and talking more at church.

my kids are pretty shy. so to see them opening up is such a blessing. because it shows how comfortable they are in the situations they are in and willing to let others "in". we've been so blessed by our church. every week shaun and i leave and know without a doubt that this is 150% where God wants and needs us to be. when we started attending church there we noticed after ONE week of attending the change in our kids. they were happier, more behaved, and the wanting-ness to go to church was back. they had not been wanting to go for awhile. and not only in them, but our hearts were so happy being there. we were being fed again. we were being talked to again. and we didn't see judgement anymore.

i don't feel it necessary to divulge all the details of why we left our other church. the main reason NEEDED to be, and was, that God led us away. and we know without a doubt He did. because if He didn't want us where we are, He wouldn't be blessing us where we are. so we're so very thankful that we followed God's leading and guiding and are being blessed for it. i can only guess that others don't understand it. but then again we haven't been asked about it either. sometimes it feels as if things want to be said. but aren't. it's frustrating to me. but i can't make someone talk to me. my heart breaks at the changes i've seen in situations. but i also know that i'm not going to be the one who can make it better. only God can. so my prayer has been that He opens the doors of communication that have been all but padlocked shut for years.

there's so much freedom in communication. in honesty. in open-ness. in forgiveness. those things are all hard to "do". but so free-ing when they're done. if you don't have 100% communication, honesty, open-ness, forgiveness...there's something not complete about your relationship. i've only just begun myself to do these things 100%. but the fruit from it...has been awe-standing. i've stood in awe at the changes in my relationship with shaun. we've never had a 'bad' relationship. but i've held things in before. i've not been great at forgiving before. but by changing my heart and in turn...changing his. it's been so great for us. i'm happier now then i ever have been. and i've been happy. our marriage is growing by leaps and bounds...and i know will only grow more, and gain more fruit. good fruit. i can't help but sigh with happiness. there was a time yesterday that i got frustrated with him. and in the past i would've said. oh whatever. and just forgotten it. ((holding a grudge of course)) but instead he asked what's wrong. i explained it. he listened. we laughed about how truly silly it was. and then worked it out (not much to be worked out, and truly it was something that looks super silly now, but was important to me at the time!) and we moved forward. and what a blessing it was. i wasn't "secretly" mad at him for a few hours while i cooled off, and then never talk to him. i was just frustrated. told him. and we worked it out. for me it blessed my heart to see God working on us. because it can only be God doing something like that!!

whew. i totally went off on something i never intended to! lol. my dad blessed us yesterday with a laptop. it's his old one, that's on it's "last days". he bought a new one. and gave us his old one. til it dies of course. and i get used to having a lap top. :)

hmmm. i have some posts, like "topical" posts, in my head. and i've purposed it to blog about them this week. one i've been "writing" for a few weeks in my head, since i went to our church's women's retreat. and i'm excited to get it out of my head and through my fingers and on to the blog. Lord willing i can get started on it tonight...and finish it within a few times of sitting down at the computer. :) i suppose with this laptop i can take it to bed and blog. shaun has been working a lot lately so he'll fall asleep super early and i lay in bed watching full house. :) but i could blog and watch full house now! yay. ;) ya'll might be sick of me.

ya'll. i've made a great new friend through church who is originally from TN and have found myself saying it. it is really much easier than saying you all. just say ya'll. shaun giggles at me every time he hears it. the funny thing is i don't even REALIZE i say it til he giggles at me. but if that's the worst thing that i've picked up..i think it's totally all good! we've been so blessed by the friendship we've made with them. my friend and her husband. it's the first time that shaun and i have made friends as a couple. and it's been a huge blessing and so much fun to hang out with them. and see our kids grow closer.

annnnnyways. i've scattered around a lot. but i love it. and if you ever talked to me in real life...well it was just like talking to me now. :) have a great God given blessed day!!

11 loving words from you.:

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I love your scatterbrain posts Amanda! Good luck with all that laundry...I worked on laundry last week and avoided the rest of my house:) I love that you are saying y'all after making a southern friend! We say y'all all the time, but I try not to type it much because it seems so wrong! I hope you have an awesome week and good luck tackling moutian popp!

Zookeeper Jess said...

You've seriously never tried broccoli! What! It's one of my favorite foods. I'm in awe here lol! Glad things are going great :)

Alicia The Snowflake said...

With 5 little ones, you have every right to be scatterbrained! I would be! Glad to hear you guys are enjoying your new church...such a blessing.

Hugs to you my friend! I hope you are able to get caught up with the laundry!

Fox Family said...

Glad things are going well!! Yay for laptops. They are addicting! Y'all is perfectly ok to say. HA I think it makes more sense anyways.

Ashley said...

You always say so much in your posts without really having to say a lot, if that makes sense?! I always leave your blog feeling good about life and eager to see what you have to write next. (and secretly jealous my posts aren't always so well spoken, hehe). And of course I love reading about the kiddos and Shaun! :)

Jennifer W. said...

I know exactly what you mean about being scatterbrained...I started saying a few years ago that my brain must have been attached to my uterus somehow because I get more scatterbrained with each child-obviously I'm giving all my brains to them!! LOL. We've also been struggling with our current church. After a situation that went on there last year, I have little desire to be there, and my older girls are both dealing with issues too, so we are praying about what to do as far as leaving...I'm not sure where we would go. I'm glad y'all found the place that God led you too...hopefully we will too!! And being from south MS, y'all is the only way to address people, so I don't even really notice it so much in blog posts!! Feel free to say it and I'll say it back! :)

Stephanie said...

I love you and your "scatter brain", because it means you are sharing your heart. And I'm a scatter brain sometimes too, so it's all good. ;) I love hearing what's going on in your life - especially the fact that God's been working in your heart and in your marriage. I love seeing marriages growing into the love story God intends. It makes my heart happy...and it makes my heart even happier that God is continuing to do a work in my marriage. I am so so thankful for the husband He has given me and for the fact that he has really stepped up to take a leadership role in our home. God is SO good!

Kristin said...

Getting all organized does feel great and getting rid of things too....we worked on doing that so we can move soon. I'm glad you found a church you love!

A Wife and Her Coach said...

I don't mind the scatterbrain bc that's exactly me too. It drives my husband insane! I can be talking about one thing and before I'm done with that story start talking about another and he's completely lost. I just don't understand why he can't read my mind?! :)

Alicia said...

Hi Amanda! I loved reading this post! I felt like I've been out of the loop..lol! I can totally relate about going to a new church, and to know that it is totally from the Lord!!!! That's great to know how much your family is being blessed by it!!!!

And yoohoo on your mini date!! Treasure those moments because I know how hard it is to have alone time!!

Holly said...

Yay for dates! Glad you and your hubby got to go out together minus the kids. Anth and I will get to soon as our associate pastor has offered to watch our girls while we take a night out together. Im not sure what we'll do w/ ourselves!

Its great you found a church where you can grow. I think it def is where your meant to be!