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Monday, June 27, 2011

a plan?!

if you know me at all, i'm not a huge planner. i'm more of a fly by the seat of my skirt girl. i like having a general idea of things, but not planning them out.

there is one time that this "free-ness" gets me in "trouble" and that's when it comes down to what to make for supper. and sometimes it stresses me out. and shaun too. because i'm asking him what he wants and  he doesn't know...because it isn't at the top of his list while working umpteen million hours a day.

so i've decided to meal plan. mainly because it'll save me some stress. and i'm hoping it saves us money. because i won't need to "just run through a drive through" because we have no idea what to make for supper and it's just easier. ((honestly if i were a bajillionaire i'd have my own cook, or eat out a lot. i love to eat out. which is a bad trait sometimes!!))

so i thought i'd share my "plan" here. ((i just looked through two of my million cookbooks to get some ideas and happily found some!)) because i'm a free spirit, i know this it what we're eating this week...but may not all happen on the days i say it will. :)

MONDAY:: grilled margarita chicken. ((i LOVE the margarita chicken at chili's and was so excited to find a meal to make for the family!! and instead of using the seasonings the recipe called for i'm going to use wildtree's cilantro lime (rice) seasoning. ((which is no longer available, but i bought 10 jars before they discontinued it.lol)) so i'm excited for that!))

TUESDAY:: beef and rice casserole. ((i'm a total casserole type person. this one is way easy. and can't go wrong with beef, rice and cheese))

WEDNESDAY:: pizza wraps. ((this is a new one i found. it's basically putting sauce (using wildtree's pizza sauce seasoning) ,toppings,cheese in a tortilla rolling them up. putting in baking dish. top with MORE cheese. bake. easy!))

THURSDAY:: not so sloppy joes. ((put biscuit mix in a muffin, top with sloppy joe mixture. bake. dinner. i'm giong to use wildtree's sloppy joe seasoning for this too))

FRIDAY:: homemade macaroni and cheese. with beef. ((i've honestly NEVER made homemade mac and cheese. so i'm excited for this. but i'm also excited knowing if need be...i can be lazy and make the "box" stuff and it'll be okay!))

i'm not planning saturday and sunday, because i'm not sure of our plans. and heck. only having to "think" for two days of meals...totally cool with that!

the cooler part of all of this...i have most everything i need at home. thanks to wildtree i don't need to go buy any "new" seasonings. and i get to experiment a bit with them and have things to tell my customers at shows. so my shopping list really only includes a lime. tortillas. pepperoni. cheese. everything else i have at home. woo hoo.

shaun is also super excited about this. because it means i won't be asking him what he wants for supper. and he can come home at eat right away most nights. i say most because even though i *can* grill...i'm not a good flipper. so for the sake of not wanting to "lose" anything in the grill...shaun has agreed to grill. plus he likes the thing...so it's not like i had to pull his let at all.

so yeah. i'm excited. and it gives me something to blog about at least once a week. but don't worry i do plan on blogging about more exciting things too. :)

the meals i got from a cookbook my mom's work put together, and the $5 dinner mom cookbook.

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

I am a big time planner, but one this I just can not make myself do is meal plan! I don't know why because I know it would make life 100 times easier:) Your meals all sounds yummy and pretty easy to make too! I especially like the sound of the pizza wraps!

Beth said...

You should post your recipes so others can benefit too!!

I do really well cooking when I have a plan made....

Kristin said...

I can so relate to this post! Every night, I forget to thaw something out or I don't have everything and we either get something to go or we have to run to the store and it's such a big hassle! Honestly, I would eat out every night or have Morgan grill something, because I really hate cooking. I just don't enjoy it one bit. Most nights, I just have some meat for him to throw on the grill and I make the side items. I know I am going to have to plan better, especially when the baby gets here and Morgan is back in school.

Veronica said...

What a fun post!!! You realize now I'll be asking you for recipes! I read your post out loud to your sancho so we could be see what you've been up to. We both agreed that the pizza wraps sound delicious. Actually got me thinking about this quesadilla we came up with on accident the other day. We just took some pepperoni and cheese and put it in a tortilla and made it into a quesadilla. SO yummy!

I also want to tell you I'm proud of you with your planning out of meals and the fact that you DID follow through with your plan for today's meal! Good job!