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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TOS planner review

for those of you not familiar with TOS it stands for "the old schoolhouse". it's an awesome magazing geared towards homeschooling families. and since we're a homeschooling family...you know i love it!

awhile ago they asked on their facebook page for bloggers who would like to review their planner for the next school year. i was all on top of that...and got the planner via a pdf file.

i love it. plain and simple. the only downfall to it being a pdf file...is that if i want to print it...i'd be printing over 800 pages. yes. you read that correctly...800 pages!! but the upside to it being a pdf file...is that i can add to it. and "save as" and all my info is saved. so it's really a great thing!!

so it is not only a planner...but a huge source of resources.

there are articles upon articles supporting you as a homeschooling parent. or just as a parent in general. articles that build you up. and encourage you. and are just plain fun to read.

then there are recipes. yep. recipes. and for this new meal planner momma...i love them. :) it gives me some fresh new ideas on what to add to our family. and especially nice, crock pot recipes...so when we start up school in fall...they'll be nice to have and i won't have to "think" about them at all!!

and then...lists. there are a ton of lists. bodies of water. US capitals. body systems. water cycle. grammar rules. (i'm overly excited about this one! i do not like grammar, and i'll take anything to help!) the lists go on and on.

i really like the special things they have for homeschooling parents. a schedule to use per child. weekly planning space. goals for the month. the semester. the year. records for everything. places to record where you took field trips. co-op planning information. a curriculum "wish list" spot. (i like that one!) and they have things for parents with preschoolers to high schoolers. with everything in between. so it's the only planner you'll need!

there are also practice sheets included. and "forms" to follow for book reports. there are forms for budgeting. for chores. pretty much ANYTHING you can think of...it's there.

i honestly haven't printed it off yet. and am trying to decide how to pick and choose WHAT to print off. or suck it up...and print it all. to me...i really think it'll be worth the money, paper, and ink. i'll have a huge resource. for not only this school year. but for the school years to come.

thank you the old schoolhouse for supplying me with an awesome planner!!

**the planner was provided to me free of charge. all opinions expressed are my own.**

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Kristin said...

Sounds neat!

(And guess what?! I'm actually having an article published in the Fall 2011 issue of TOS!)