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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

to my breigh-breigh.

to my breigh-breigh.

you're five years old today. five. an entire hand, which you're very proud of. i can't believe it.

it seems just like yesterday i was holding you in my arms and you were too small for them. now you're getting bigger...but you'll never ever be too big for my arms. i think i remember your birth the most, only because i said a crazy thing...your delivery was much easier than your sister's was...and my exact words (with video proof) were:: i think i just farted her out.

maybe that's why you're so silly with the things YOU say. you've got no choice, it's been that way since birth!!

i was so excited when you were born because grandma got to be there. she had to miss amelya's birth because of her vacation to mexico. she wasn't missing yours though!! AND she got to cut the cord. we both blessed her that day. she was also super excited because the local radio station guy was right on his guess that you were going to be a girl. ((and you have the onesie to prove that))

from the moment i read "PREGNANT" on that little stick, i've loved you. as scared as i was to be having another baby so quickly after the first, i was so excited. who were you going to look like? who were you going to be like?

your smile is contagious. your laugh even more so. and that twinkle in your eye....well it makes me nervous sometimes! but most of the time i can't help but "twinkle" on back.

the things you say are so funny. for example, sunday we were at church talking when they started shutting the lights off, and i said "oh they're kicking us out." we got out to the van and i realized that i forgot my coat in church. so i ran back in to get it....later you asked if i got kicked. i was confused. then you asked again, "did they kick you at church momma? you said they were kicking?" i held it together pretty well. and explained it was just a saying and noone kicked me at church. :)

i love your heart for other people. you're always concerned about people, and are always sure to make sure everyone is alright. i love your sensitive heart. you also always need to be prepared of what's happening next. sort of like your momma. and i of course LOVE that about you. :)

you have an awesome love for shoes. maybe something else from your momma. i also love how you wear anything, and don't care what others think about you. keep that baby girl. keep that confidence in you. it took me a very long time to be so confident in myself. i'm so thankful that you have it now. cling tight to it.

you're an awesome sister. you're never afraid to help out one of your siblings. and love to help momma take care of evaleigh. you also are always making sure everyone is okay when they're crying or hurt. and concerned when there is "bleed" involved, and the first to get a band-aid, if that's the case.

i love your compassion. i love your smile. i love your giggle. i just plain love you.

my love for you will always be here. even when someday i know you'll think i'm a "mean momma" i'll still love you. and i can only pray that you know how much Jesus loves you. He will always be there for you. cling to Him when everything else in this world seems to be going crazy. cling to Him when it's not going crazy. He will be the only constant. He will be the one who is ALWAYS there for you. He loves you so much i can't even begin to show you how big that love is. just cling to it baby girl. and cling hard. because the things of this world will push, pull, and try to drag you away from Him...it isn't worth letting go. not even a little bit.

happy birthday breigh.
love, momma

8 loving words from you.:

Debbie Fenendael said...

Thats such a nice blog Amanda! Happy Birthday to Breigh! Your such a wonderful Mom! I'm so proud of the woman & mom you have become! I remember when you were born & your sister... Most of all I remember babysitting for you kids.... Love you and keep being who you are, your a very special person!

-stephanie- said...

Happy 5th Birthday Breigh. Have a fun day.
Phoebe and Abby and their mom

The Mama said...

That's so sweet. Your Breigh sounds a lot like my Brownie--love of shoes, checking on siblings and their "bleed," & literal translations. And they're only 3 1/2 months apart. You've got a heck of a cutie!

Kristin said...

Hope she had a great 5th birthday!! :)

Rachel said...

Happy {belated} Birthday to your Breigh!! What a sweet birthday wish you wrote for her. :)

Holly said...

I hope Breigh had a great bday!

Candy said...

A little late but I notice you posted on my baby's fifth birday post. I just saw this and that your little girl has the same birthday as mine. And YES 5 years does go by so fast. :(

Sarah MP said...

Very sweet!