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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

covering my nook.

i'm not sure if i ever shared on here that my awesome husband got me a nook color for my birthday. doesn't he rock? i honestly told him i didn't want the nook color anymore. i was being wise and had downloaded the nook (and kindle) app on our ipad. and was content with that.

well when my birthday rolled around...he had gotten me the nook color. doesn't he rock? i mean just look at him...he screams..i ROCK! :)

yeah. i thought so too.

anyways!! he just bought me the nook color..."just"...lol. so i needed to find myself a cover. i decided to look on etsy because...well sometimes handmade just looks cuter. and i cannot handmake much of anything...so i may as well support someone who can!! that's when i found dana designs. dana is a momma to three and a military wife. and she can handmake things...so that rocks.

i contacted miss dana to see if she'd be willing to sponsor a review of her e-reader cover on my blog. and she graciously said YES!! i get so excited when i get a yes. sometimes people want you to have a bajillion followers. two bajillionmillion hits a day. and etc. i don't have that. i don't "want" that. i am just a momma blogger who likes to share fun things with my readers every once in awhile.

it was SO hard to pick a cover i liked...i eventually went with this one...isn't it cute?!
oh...and she doesn't just make e-reader covers...she also make coffee cup sleeves...adorable!!
and little tooth pillows for little lost teeth...we don't "do" the tooth fairy...but i'm debating on getting one just for a fun little tradition with the kiddos...again...adorable!!

so. to the review of the cover. it is even more stinkin' adorable in person. i loved it. i put my nook in it right away...and my nook loved it too. i could just tell it "sighed" in relief of the protection it had just been given. dana has a strip of velcro on the cover to keep it closed. and when you're reading you fold the cover back and velcro it to the back...so you're not left with a dangling cover.

my velcro is losing it's sticky...not because of the way it's made...but because i've noticed as i read i stick and unstick the velcro. so it's my bad habit the velcro is wearing faster than it would with "normal" use. plus it's velcro...that's what happens. so i don't think it's a negative at all. honestly...i find nothing negative about the cover...besides that i want another one...just so i can "change it up"....hopefully my diaper bag addiction does not influence an addiction to e-reader covers.

do you have a nook? a kindle? a sony reader? a kobo? do you need a super cute cover for it?
do you have an addiction to coffee? do you need a super cute coffee sleeve?
do you have a little one with loose teeth? do you need a super cute tooth pillow?
did you answer yes to any of those questions?

do you want a fun discount code to go shopping at dana designs?


well then...just use the code BLOG15 for a 15% discount at dana designs!!

i told you dana rocked!!

so what are you still doing here? go shop away!

**please note i was given a nook color cover from dana at dana designs for purpose of this review. because it was free did not influence my honest review of her product. okay...quit reading this small print...and get shopping already!! :)**

and ps. i LOVE my nook color. it rocks. i've read a bajillion books since getting it. and it is much nicer than reading on my ipad because it's lighter and it's smaller. i still think my ipad rocks too.

5 loving words from you.:

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I love the cover you picked! Those cute coffee cup sleeves make me wish I liked coffee:)

Kristin said...

I have a regular nook. They didn't have color ones when I got mine, but I love mine too and I love those covers! I seriously need one. The plastic on my nook is cracked in two places, by each side of the buttons where you turn the pages. :( My nook says it needs a pretty cover. Ha! I will go check out her shop!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

What awesome fabric and designs! She is fabulous! I think I am going to get one of those tooth fairy pillows for my niece!

Holly said...

How nice of your hubby! And that cover for it is super cute! I just have a plain black for my kindle.

Candy said...

Hey moma! I found you on blogfrog so I came over to check out your blog and I LOVE it! I think the nook cover you picked out is beautiful! I love Jesus too and I have two beautiful girls. I had postpartum depression after my second baby and I know it is hard to pull out of that. I'm a new blogger and would love if you would stop by my blog and let me know what you think. www.candysfavorites.blogspot.com