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Friday, August 12, 2011

space cadet.

do you ever feel like a space cadet?

you know when your mind is no where near IN your head?


oh. me either.

okay  i lie! i totally feel that way. there have been a few incidents just THIS week.

one being the winner for the 30 day shred. i remembered today! only a day late. no dollar short. so i asked amelya to pick a number. and she picked 10. number 10 belongs to Leah. unfortunately i was also a space cadet and didn't ask for emails when i did the post...so miss leah...you'll have to get a hold of me...because i can't get a hold of you. sorry.

...a friend and family came to church this past weekend. as they were leaving i said to her husband "nice to meet...AHH! we've already met. ummm". then he took it all in stride and stifiled laughter i'm sure and said "nice to see you again." me "ugh. yes. so very nice to see you." i just felt like a total dork because i have met him a few times before. i've talked to him. and just sounded goofy. i know it's not a big deal. at all. but i felt like a space cadet.

yesterday we went to a friend's house for a play date. so i wanted to bring something fun. i think chocolate chip muffins are fun. well what doesn't make them fun. when you use a mini muffin pan. and think the time should remain the same. and BURN the bottoms of 48 mini muffins. not so worthy of a play date. ((thankful for target fruit snacks in the cupboard to bring instead)) i'm not a baker. OBVIOUSLY!

then today. my phone was almost dead. so i plugged it in. i got a text to check it a few hours later...when it should've been fully charged. noticed it was not at all. you see...in order to charge your phone correctly...you must make sure after having your phone plugged into the charger...your charger is plugged into the wall. or it will not charge. clearly NOT rocket science. ;)

okay really...i know i'm being hard on myself. but sometimes i can feel like i have no brain! they say when  you're pregnant and nursing you use up brain cells...i'm thinking it's a good thing we're not having any more babies... ;)

**please note...i mean this all in cute humor. i'm not really all mad at myself...just like to laugh at myself after i realize what a "space cadet" i can be.**

4 loving words from you.:

HeatherP said...

This is the story of my life!

Becky said...

I feel this way ALL THE TIME since having my son a year ago. Sometimes I think my husband must feel like he's now married to an idiot :)

Kristin said...

Haha! I've totally done the "nice to meet you" one to someone I had already met before. LOL! I think it's just a habit of something we say, so sometimes it just slips out! That's my excuse anyways. :D

ACW said...

ARG! I hate those awkward comments (like nice to meet you, when we've met ten times before). Happens to all of us sometime, right?