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Monday, October 03, 2011

"fired up"

...in a GOOD way. :) i usually use the term fired up for things i get...well fired up about. but today i'm fired up about my workout. mainly because of the name. turbofire.

turbofire is from the same company that brings you P90X. i was familiar with the 'name' of the P90 but never heard of anything else...til i started researching a new program after my 30 day shred. a friend of mine is a 'coach' with beachbody and gave me some more info about beachbody and the other workouts they offered.

i'm not sure if i ever put up my exact 'results' on my blog...but i did on my facebook page...this is what i said there after i was finished::
...did it work? am i shredded?

in a word...yes.
the discouraging part to me has been no weight loss.
BUT muscle DOES weigh more than fat. i have noticed muscles in my arms. and legs. and feel like i'm starting to look they way i want to.
i have lost an inch and a half in my waist. (where my natural bend is/under the breast)
i have lost a good inch around my "widest part" of my legs.
i have had people comment on me "looking good".
so even though i haven't lost pounds...i've lost inches and feel better about myself.

so i was feeling discouraged about no weight loss and since i got used to the working out thing, i wanted to focus more on the weight loss as well. beachbody also offers shakes through something called shakeology.

i was hesitant to try shakes. honestly it was because i haven't found something i LOVED. if i'm going to be doing a shake a day, at least, i wanted something i loved. that didn't taste like sand. and was good. so my friend was awesome enough to send me a sample of the chocolate shake mix. i mixed it with some milk and peanut butter. in a word. AWESOME! it was SO yummy. it seriously tastes like cake or brownie batter. only it's really good for you. ;) so after i had the shake, i was hooked.

i contacted my friend to learn more about the coaching aspect of beachbody. you basically pay 40 bucks to be a coach. and get a 25% discount. the turbofire workout is not 'cheap' it's around 120 bucks. so saving 25% was very appealing to me. i also watched a video on turbo fire before purchasing.

needless to say, i signed up to be a coach. i couldn't resist the deal. i bought turbo fire and a month of shakeology. i was super excited. i got my website, and loaded my "before" picture. it isn't pretty. but i'm planning on changing that! :) ((i keep forgetting to have shaun take a picture of me now to show the progress!))

this is my 5th week of doing turbofire. can i just say...WOW!! it's INTENSE. in fact intense isn't even word enough to describe the feeling after the first week of doing it. i felt like collapsing after each workout and honestly wondered what in the heck am i doing?!? more than one time. but i stuck with it. i knew i could do it. ((and i'm so very thankful for the 30 day shred preparing me! this is more intense than that!)) through the HIIT workouts i've gained endurance and it's amazing now how "easy" a 30 minute workout is. and it's the same 30 minute workout i started with on day one.

i follow the schedule that has been included in my turbofire 'set'. ((it's more than just ONE dvd. it's 12. with a food guide. workout guide. resistance bands. lower leg bands.)) the first four weeks are a HIIT schedule and now the next four are a recovery schedule. there's core work thrown in as well as sculpting and toning. the workout are AWESOME. one thing i loved when i started it was that there is a "new to class" option. so you can click on that and she takes the time to break down each "combo". it makes the workout last a bit longer, but you don't feel as "lost" as you would if it wasn't there.

now i do the workouts without the "new to class" option and rarely feel lost. the workouts are cardio with a bit more cardio worked in. ;) there's upper cuts. hooks. crosses. jabs with some front kicks, back kicks and side kicks thrown in. and yes it sounds crazy. yes it sometimes IS crazy. but after a few days...i got the hang of it. and i, ms. uncordinated can get the hang of it...ANYONE can!!

i will admit though. i was getting discouraged again. from the 2 months-ish of working out i gained weight. i gained 14 pounds doing the 30 day shred and one month of turbo fire. so i decided to stay off the scale for a week. REALLY REALLY watch what i was eating. consistently do shakeology (i had been skipping days here and there) and last week i stepped on the scale. i LOST 12 pounds. i lost 12 pounds in ONE week!

in addition to the pounds i lost. well really. i guess i'm stil UP two. but at least it isn't 14 anymore! i have lost more inches. since starting turbo fire i've lost one inch in my thighs. one inch in my belly. (i had lost 0 in my belly with the shred) and one inch in my 'natural' bend of my waist.

so adding to my shred results in the last 2 months-ish i've lost 2 inches in my thighs, 1 in my belly and 2 1/2 in my 'natural' waist bend. they aren't ashtonishing fast paced results. but honestly. i would rather it come off slowly and stay off versus a huge loss and then gaining back. and can i just say...i'm so excited that for the first time in a LONG time all of my measurements start with the number 3. and never mind that it's a 39 in the thighs. :)

this is the first time i've SERIOUSLY tried to lose weight. i've only ever "thought" about it before. now i'm wanting it. and doing it. i've only started caring more about the diet aspect in the past few weeks. cutting out and cutting back on carbs. which is HARD for me! really hard. i've also quit drinking soda. i haven't bought soda for our house in a LONG time. and now i'm trying my best to not drink it at all. so when we go out to eat, i'm getting lemonade instead. i am not a huge water lover.

so i'm excited. i'm excited about making this continued life change. and feeling great about myself! i have to say i LOVE chalene. she's the instructor in the video. she is so encouraging. and gets you so motivated to keep on going when you feel like you can't. i seriously clap and talk to the tv when i'm doing my workouts. it's just great. until turbo fire, i had never experienced that "high" you get when working out. but now that i've felt it...it's like a drug. and i "need" more of it. and let me tell you...this is a drug worth getting addicted to! it's making me feel better. look better and it's easy to get "high" on.

so yeah. that's my workout. for those of you who don't enjoy working out, this post may have been a tiny bit boring. sorry!! i promise to blog again THIS week and not have 2 weeks between posts. ;) i've actually had my computer OFF for the most part. and that too, feels SO good!!

i would also love to offer any of you samples of shakeology, if you're interested. i only have a few chocolate ones. and i also have a ton of greenberry ones. (greenberry is more of a neutral flavor) i'd love to share the love of it with  you. plus it's SO healthy, so it's win win. :)

i would love to be able to offer a giveaway of turbo fire, like i did the shred. but unfortunately that isn't possible right now. what i would love to do is offer anyone who would like to order it...MY 25% discount. so for the next week. (til october 10th) anyone who would like to order turbofire. will get it at my cost. email me for more info on that!

thanks for putting up with my absence. absence does make the heart grow fonder. ;)

4 loving words from you.:

Clementsville: Population of 4! said...

SSSOOO happy for you!!!

mittelmommy said...

Great Job! I'd love to try the chocolate. Maybe I should check into it. I think in the last month with the stuff going on I have been over eating to "make me feel better" and it's really starting to show! Would love to cry and cut 90% of my stomach off. Anyway, glad it's been going so well for you! I get the "high" thing...I've never got that from a workout either! Yay! to you finding it!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

My hubby has been wanting us to P90X but I'm afraid it is going to be too difficult for me! I thought about doing the 30 Shred as a warm up and now that I see that is what you've done, I think it might be a great idea! Thanks so much Amanda and way to go!!

Holly said...

Sounds like an awesome program! The shakes sound yummy. I bet the choc is yummy w/ pb!