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Monday, September 19, 2011

quick post

i just wanted to quick post before you thought i fell of the face of the earth.

in fact i haven't. we've just been super busy and i haven't had time to sit down and write out the posts that are floating in my head. and today i still don't have that time. but wanted to quick blog.

i am doing well. tonight i have the opportunity to share my "story" about post partum depression with a group of women through our homeschooling group. i am really excited to share it. and see where God takes it from there. i am teaching a class this semester for our homeschooling co-op. it's a class all about amelia bedelia. we're reading a different book each week and then doing an activity with it. this week is our second week (it's everyother week for 12 weeks). i'm just praying to not be as nervous as i was last time. i almost threw up!! i taught last week for our co-op we're doing with some friends who use the same curriculum as we do. we're focusing on science activities each week with that. it was fun. the problem with me is i work best under pressure...so i've been doing a lot of last minute planning. and in fact, do not have my "speech" written out at all for tonight. i don't think i'm going to. i'm just going to share from the heart and hopefully not ramble too long. (THAT i can see being my only problem) i started a new workout program. that i really wanted to blog about just that, so that's all i say about that. :)

shaun has been working a lot. but that's "usual" so it's just become our norm. last weekend he was able to go on a men's retreat with our church. it is the first time he's ever been on one. actually it's the first opportunity he's ever HAD to go on one. our old church did not offer things like that, so we were excited when this opportunity came up. i must say i missed him something awful. could hardly sleep without him. BUT was so glad he went. he came home on sunday talking my ear off about the retreat. for those of you who know shaun, you know this is a BIG thing. shaun doesn't just "talk your ear off"...pretty much ever. :) i was so blessed to see what an awesome time he had. and hear about him cultivating friendships too. i love watching him grow as a man of God and build relationships with men. it's pretty much the first opportunity he has had for this as well. most of the other men who regularly attended our old church were way older than shaun or single. so a lot of times shaun felt like he didn't have anything in common with them. it's nice to see him feel "in common" and have friendships building and forming. he's also getting excited because our corn will be chopped this week. it's when the "little boy" comes out in him.

amelya, breigh and caitlyn started dance a few weeks ago. they are actually the only girls in the class. ((this momma is thankful 3 is the minimum to hold class!)) we go on tuesday mornings and only once a week, instead of the twice last year. SO nice! i'm excited to see what their teacher is going to do for their dance since it's the three sisters. :)

amelya is doing well with school. we recently got our supplies for book it in the mail. so we're excited to start that in october. her goal is to read 8 chapter books in october. which will be not a problem for her. i just wanted to set it lower so she can accomplish it. i think we'll do 10 for november. i think 10 is her "normal" anyways. she LOVES to read. she'll read pretty much anything but her favorties (as i asked her this morning) was to read her Bible, and then any other books. lol. she loves magic tree house and the boxcar children. it's so cool to see her love for reading growing.

breigh is awesome at math. she did her math today during school and i didn't even TEACH her it. it was some of what we had been doing already, but she just went and did it. and did it correctly. i was impressed with her initative to do it herself. and she did it while i was reading aloud the spelling story. usually she has a hard time concentrating with a lot of stuff going on at once. but she doesn't for math. her reading is coming along fantastically. she's been trying to sound out words in her books she "reads" in the car. and on signs we see out and about. i'm so proud of how far she's come with that!

caitlyn has been seeming so grown up since turning 4 the other week. i can't believe she's four. she's doing well with school and loves to have her own worksheets and things to do. our preschool is kept at a very minimum and truly doesn't involve a whole lot. i'm amazed at what she has picked up on sitting and listening to us. ((example: she knows the definition of a noun from sitting in and listening. she has three poems memorized with our language arts curriculum, that "she" isn't doing)) it's been cool to see her writing come along as well.

dustin loves to do school. he mainly colors, or plays with fine motor things. but LOVES it. and has been learning how to sit with us quietly at the table. he's been doing fantastic. sometimes he sits on the blanket with evaleigh for blanket time too, and that's alright by me. he was 'reading' a book to her this morning and it about melted my heart. he'll be three in a month. where has the past three years gone?! we're doing his birthday party with caitlyn's this weekend. i think they're both super excited!!

evaleigh is not walking yet. and i'm OKAY with that. the three girls were walking somewhere around 14 months and dustin was almost 18. so i figure i potentially have a few months yet of her crawling. and i'm totally cool with that! she's starting to "talk" a bit more, well actually have words. breigh was so excited last week because she taught her how to say "up". her personality is a lot like amelya's as a baby...but she has caitlyn's cry...and breigh's sparkle in her eye. so i say...she fits in perfect for our family. :)

we also started going to church on wednesdays. we had prayed about what do to, either send the girls to AWANA at a local church or go to our church on wednesdays. that way we could be fed as well as the kids. God led us to our church. so we've been going for two weeks now. i have to say i'm excited. our kids can continue to grow in the Lord as well as we can. we're going through the book of daniel on wednesdays and it's an exciting book to be taught in. plus the fellowship with our church family is nice two days a week instead of just one. :)

so yeah. our family is busy. and this post may have been the most boringest ever. if that's even a word. so i don't blame you if you're not even reading this sentence. ;)

3 loving words from you.:

Amber said...

Thanks for filling us all in... I love catching up on the details of your life that I don't know. And I know that I should know this, but what language arts program are you using?
Also you have done FABULOUSLY at everything you've taught so far (Amelia Bedilia and the Stars!!) You ARE a natural under pressure. I'm so excited about tonight - I've been praying for you throughout the day and I don't plan on stopping!!

Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I've missed your posts. But it sounds like you have a lot on your plate. That co-op class sounds awesome!! I think I should have Sassy do something like that. hmmm....

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

No not boring! you are busy, and can I say I am proud of you for sharing the post partum with others? What a great way to reach others! And way to go Breigh on the math!