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Thursday, February 16, 2012

it's out!

amelya has had a top tooth loose for quite a long time...yesterday at lunch she exclaimed, "mom it's OUT!!" and voila! she is one top tooth less. ;)

she was so excited! and i've found her staring at herself in the mirror sticking her tongue through the hole. :)

yesterday we took evaleigh and breigh to the doctor. they woke up sounding "croupy" and i wanted to "nip it in the bottom" if i could. they ended up giving breigh a steriod to help with her, since hers was the worst. evaleigh is sounding better today and breigh is almost 100% better. it is the first time all year they have been sick, and i wanted to go during the day if i could since croup always gets worse at night. i figured it was better to go in then it was to wait it out and be in the ER during the night.

breigh has some anxiety about going to the doctor, since she had to have a cath done at an appt. so she asked if daddy could come with us. as frustrating as shaun's job can be sometimes...it is so nice they are so flexible. shaun told his boss i have to take my kids to the doctor, and was able to leave. i thought it was great of him to show breigh that he will put her before his job.

i felt bad a few weeks ago when i dropped something off at a friend's house and her husband was home in the morning. (he works crazy hours too) amelya asked why he was home and i explained that some dads will work from lunch time til after bedtime. she said, i wish daddy did. when i asked why, she said, well then we could see him more.

i didn't know quite how to respond, because I wish we could see him more. BUT i wanted her to know how hard daddy works and how important it is that he does. so i told her that daddy works hard so he can provide for our family, and that if he didn't it would mean that i would have to work too and they would have to go to school and not get to be with me all day. i think she understood, she's almost 7, so it's not too far above her. *sigh* someday i know that God will have the perfect job for shaun. right now i do my best to encourage him to keep on keeping on. God has him there for a perfect reason.

i've been busy crocheting lately too. here are some more of my projects...
 i have a LOT of friends having babies this year. ((in fact 4 of my close friends are pregnant!! being not pregnant is the minority. especially when 3 of the 4 go to church with me! lol)) the little pink hat is for an internet friend who is having a baby girl. i LOVE it. and it was hard for me to mail out. lol. the hello kitty hat is for another internet friend's daughter.
this is a picture my cousin took of her son in the hat i made for him. he looks so sweet in it. and it blesses me so much to see people "in" the hats i've made.

i'm currently working on some more hats for babies and a scarf for my sister in law. she has been paitently waiting since Christmas for her scarf. she was over last night and i asked her if she loved the yarn i was already using. because i didn't love it. and had been "avoiding" it because of the non-love for the yarn. she didn't have any certain attachment to the yarn...so i asked her which "chunky" yarn she liked. and started...and almost have it finished. a new scarf for her. i'll be sure to post a picture of it. i'm really loving how it is turning out. and i may have to make myself one for next year.

i know i've said it before, but i'm LOVING crocheting. :) my favorite part is seeing the pictures of the people wearing the things i've made. i truly am so blessed by it. i get  more excited about that than anything.

each month the women's ministry at church is doing a "workshop" for the women. in  march they're doing knitting. so i'm excited to be taught knitting again. i'm thinking because i  know how to crochet i  may pick up on the knitting better this time. i've been taught to knit twice before ( a LONG time ago) so i think it may go better this time. i think it's a great idea of the women's ministry to do this. not only are we learning something, the fellowship is nice too. :)

valentine's day was this week. we don't do anything "huge" for it. basically just a card and a small little something. i love getting cards from shaun. he always writes out his heart in the cards and it blesses me so much to see/read what his heart says. and he got me two cards this year, the typical "funny" one and  a really sweet semi-mushy one. :) and really, we do our best to show love to each other each day of the year. my favorite thing we do is have a notebook and in it each of us will randomly write things in it. the "title" of the notebook is "i value you..." so sporatically we will write down a few list of things about what we value/love about each other. it's always a surprise to see something new written in it. plus it's nice to go back and read everything we've written to each other.

i know this has sort of been all over the place...but i have a couple of things. 1. i decided to  make a "page" on facebook for my blog. click here to "like" it. :) 2. i am offering a 15% discount to anyone interested in ordering wildtree. so if you need something just let me know. ((this offer is good through SUNDAY FEB 19th. you must email me with your order to get the discount.)) 3. that's all!! :)

2 loving words from you.:

He & Me + 3 said...

I saw the cute picture on facebook. Losing teeth is so much fun for them :) She looks adorable. Love all of your creations too. You are very talented. I will definitely like your page on FB.

Kristin said...

Your hats are awesome! Seriously, you do some amazing work. :-)