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Monday, February 20, 2012

baby dedication

we had evaleigh's baby dedication yesterday at church.
and i guess it's more of a "toddler" dedication, but whatever.
i was thankful my friend was willing to take pictures for me. she has a dslr and is used to it, so she was the perfect person to ask. thanks again, amber. :)

this is kevin just sharing with everyone exactly what a dedication is. ((a dedication, is just that. shaun and i as parents realizing the gift of a baby and knowing she has come from God. how we promise to raise her in a Christian home and teach het about Him. so that when she gets to the age of accountability (different for everyone) she will Lord willing have her own relationship with the Lord. and then can choose to be baptized. he also went through the role of the family and the church in helping us raise our babies. he did a really great job explaining it all))
then he prayed for all of us. :) after he tried to hold evaleigh...but that didn't work so well. i think she was a bit overwhelmed, because he has held her before and was smiling at him before church.

it was a blessing to us to have our family at church. shaun's mom and sisters came, as did my parents and sister's family. shaun's grandparents also came. it was a blessing to be able to have them all there.

 we had never invited our grandparents before to any of the other dedication. mainly because our other church was a home fellowship it was harder to invite a lot of people. and quite honestly, i had never thought about inviting our grandparents. when we were talking about doing evaleigh's dedication i really felt the Lord telling me to invite our grandparents. so we did. my grandparents choose to not come, but shaun's did and it truly blessed us that they did.

i'll admit i struggled a bit with being hurt that my grandparents didn't come. i guess i thought because the Lord was telling me to invite them, that meant they'd for sure come. but it didn't. and that's okay. i was obedient to what God told me to do, and it didn't mean they were to come. it just meant that they knew they were invited and wanted there.

it was a great day. and the message during church was really good as well. it was fun to be able to "share" our church with our family. pastor danny is an awesome teacher and man of God so it is always fun to share him with people. of course as he says, all glory goes to God, because it is only because of Him that he is up there. ((he tells us all the time how he really dislikes talking in front of people. lol))

we went out to eat after the dedication, and it didn't even cross my mind to bring my camera in. so i don't have any other pictures other than church. i guess i should've hired amber for the day. ;)

4 loving words from you.:

Ashley said...

I'm sorry to hear about grandma and grandpa not coming. But it doesn't surprise me. I sent out an email to all our parents and grandparents about helping us find a place to live and everyone said they would keep their eyes and eats open except them. They said to maybe check with Jane and that was it. I was like, okay... Thanks I guess. Oh well. Happy to read everyone else was able to make it and you all had a great day! :)

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a beautiful day and glad some of your family could join you!

With love and Hope,

Missy said...

I love baby dedications. Always such a joyous occasion.


Veronica said...

How awesome to dedicate Miss E. We have never dedicated the girls but think it would be awesome to do that some day!

Seeing pics of you with short hair still shocks me and knowing I get to see you in person, even more! Seeing pics of you at church gets me even more excited to show you ours!