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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

plugging away.

the past few weeks i've been plugging away at more crocheting. have i told you all how much i love it! :)

i took the pictures with my phone, and posted them to facebook...so if you're my friend you've seen them already...
i had been procrastinating on a scarf for my sister in law. i wasn't in love with the yarn i had choosen originally, so when she came over one night i had her pick out new yarn and created this...

she also asked me if i could make a hat to match. so i  made this hat to match..
i have a load of friends having babies. i wanted to make some hats for the babies coming. one of them asked for a bear hat. this is the little blue bear hat. so sweet.
 after i made that one. i loved it. and my friend ordered a girly one for a friend. (i hadn't attached the flower. my friend decided to forgo the flower, but i'm going to attach it to a hair clip, so her friend could add the flower if wanted. or just have a cute hairclip.) i wanted to make a hat for my nephew. and made the brown one for him.
 this is my sweet nephew in his bear hat. everyone together...awwwwww.
the next four hats are more hats for friends of mine. i absolutely LOVE them all. it's hard to box them up and ship them away. lol. but i love seeing the pictures of their sweet babies/kiddos wearing the hats, so it makes it all worth it. :)
 this past weekend we had a hair flair workshop at church. here is the stuff i made at that. and i need to get somewhere to buy another headband because i have enough beads and wire to make the same headband again.
i've also gotten a dozen washcloths done. i made this for a friend who makes and sells goat soap, called Sparrow Soaps. ((which is GREAT! i bought some for Christmas gifts, and knew i'd love to trade for some soap when she asked.))
i also have a request for some more washcloths for my sister. and then after i posted this picture yesterday on facebook i had another friend ask to trade for some washcloths. woo hoo. i also had a friend ask me to make her daughter a hat for her birthday. it's a sheep hat. i'm really excited to make that one up. the yarn i found for it, is so sweet. in fact, i had it half done last night. and then decided it was looking too big, so i had to start over on it. :)  i'm taking "orders" for hats if you're interested in any. :) or dishcloths. clips. whatever. because i like to keep busy. :)

this isn't anything to do with crocheting, but i'd love it if you "liked" my blog's facebook page. :) especially if you're my friend on facebook and you only read my blog if i link to it. i have only been linking my posts to my "blog" page. :) i've been thinking about doing a giveaway on it too...so you better just head on over and like it. ;)

3 loving words from you.:

Veronica said...

Great job on all your projects! I love how you have taken what is usually the "wrong side" of crochet and made it the right side. I don't think this is done enough! I love the look of the back side so much and think it looks a lot like knitting at times. :)

Keep up the great job!

Heather Fox said...

I can't believe you had to start over. HAHAHA This makes me feel bad, but I am oh so excited to see how it turns out!

Rebekah said...

You are such a crafty lady! Everything looks great. Love the hair stuff! I should learn how to do that for my girlies:) Your comment about liking to keep busy cracks me up! With 5 kids and home schooling I would have thought you had "keeping busy" more than covered!:) Have a blessed day:).