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Monday, March 05, 2012

7 years old

happy happy birthday to my amelya.

momma loves you so much. i can't believe you are already seven years old!! when did that happen?!

you have grown up so much in the past year. it's amazing to me. you're turning into a little adult. but yet when i see you be a little girl...i know that "adulthood" is a little while off.

i love your heart. you have such a kind and gentle heart and spirit. you're always concerned about others, and often put them before yourself. which is something that is such a blessing to see.

it is a great blessing to see you with your friends. it's amazing to me that your best friend is a full 2 years younger than you, and you don't even care/realize it. you and ella make my heart swell with joy when i see the friendship you share. ((and i'm sad to think that ella will eventually move away with her momma (and family), but we won't let that hinder our relationships with them now.)) i see you looking up to the older girls at church and trying to find your "place" with them. and how you just go with the flow, and don't "care" about being "cool" or "in". you're just you. and that's all that matters.

i love having talks with you. it's weird to me to be able to talk with you. to have mini-adult like conversations with you. i love hearing your little mind work. i love seeing your heart through your words. i just love you baby girl.

you love to read. i LOVE that you love to read. when you go "missing" in the house, i know i can find you somewhere snuggled up with a book. you read through books like people drink water. it amazes me. and i love your thirst for knowledge and the Word. your teachers have told us on numerous occasions at the end of class while waiting for us to get you from children's church...you're just sitting there reading your Bible. you've started in genesis and your goal is to read the entire Bible. i LOVE it. i love how you do your best to share Jesus with people. how you make sure you're nice and always loving to people to share Jesus with them.

i'm so blessed to not only be your momma, but also your teacher. it amazes me each time you "get" something. and to know that i helped that. you're a sponge. i love it.

keep on being strong baby girl. don't let others get you down. keep on loving and serving Jesus. in the end, that's all that really matters. i'm so blessed to be your momma.

i love you miss amelya francis.
always and forever.
and a day after that.

4 loving words from you.:

Holly said...

happy birthday wishes!

Alicia The Snowflake said...

Happy Birthday Amelya! I pray it is full of God's blessings!

-stephanie- said...

Happy Birthday beautiful girl.

Abby says Happy Birthday too. :o)

Kristin said...

She's a beautiful girl...and growing so big!! Happy birthday!