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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

stuck in the mud.

it was a beautiful march day today. the kiddos asked to play outside, every fiber of my being wanted to scream...NO! MUD!! DIRT!! WATER PUDDLES!! MESSSSSSS!!!

then i remembered...i have kids. not adults. (although i know there are plenty of adults who like to get muddy, i, however, am not one of them.)

so i told them they had to wear boots. and they could go outside. ((i could feel each fiber streeetccching))

they were outside for awhile. i checked on them through the patio door every so often. and crocheted on my comfy couch. in my comfy warm house. till i saw amelya smiling at me through the door. barefoot. when i asked where her boots were...she told me. "i got one out. but the other one is stuck."

oh dear.

i walked outside to find a lone boot.

and two stuck kids.


seriously. i was laughing the entire time.

and as i saw these...

i was so thankful i let them play outside.

i should mention. shortly before amelya showed up at the door caitlyn came inside. with one super muddy boot. and a dirty foot. but didn't feel the need to tell me about the situation her siblings were stuck in. ;)

4 loving words from you.:

Kelli @ RTSM said...

So funny! I have learned with three boys that it is way easier to just let them get muddy and then give them a bath:) I

The Mama said...

Your third and my third sound so much alike. It's hard to remember sometimes that they're just kids and they need to be just kids. Good for you for remembering this!

Holly said...

I'm glad you let them play in the mud! :)

ACW said...

I'm so proud of you! I forget to let my daughter get dirty sometimes. Great pics.