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Monday, April 30, 2012

best job.

some may disagree with me, but that's okay...i personally think the BEST JOB in the entire world is that of a stay at home momma. i could not imagine having to leave these precious babies each and every day in the hands of a caregiver...or send them off to school. ((i KNOW that for some families, even if it isn't their ideal, it's a necessity, i GET that, i'm just saying...i could not imagine having to do it, and am so thankful i don't have to))

today we had an errand to run in town, so we made it library day as well. after the library we walked along the trail behind the library and along the river.
they love looking at the water.
(and i LOVE instagram!) i have to figure out if i can properly blow it up to print it out. this is a "wall" photo for sure. ;)
while on our walk we found a hole in a tree...with FIVE eggs in it. SCIENCE on the go! breigh wanted a picture with the eggs.
you can see the eggs, i was excited because outside i couldn't tell if you could. 
dustin would run far ahead. and then sat and waited for us. 
amelya said, momma, i'll stand here and you can take my picture!
caitlyn loved picking all the "flowers"!
after posting this picture under caity's i see how much they look alike!! we always say she does...but i really think she does now. lol. i think our baby wearing days are coming to an end, as she loves to just walk and be a "big" girl. :)

and the next time we go to the library i'm bringing my DSLR. these pictures with my phone are nice enough, but i'd love the better quality of my camera. 

as you can see. i truly have the best reasons to love my job. no matter how hard the days can get or seem...nothing beats looking at these smiles. these faces. their love. even on the days that i fail supremely as a mom, their love for me never fails, and my love for them never fails. God is so faithful. and shows me how much He shows me grace, by the grace my very own CHILDREN give me.

6 loving words from you.:

-stephanie- said...

They are all so cute! Yes, you are blessed.
I know where you are!!! There's a geocache on that path. HA! Only I would notice something like that.

Julie Hoerth said...

Hi Amanda!
I just linked over from your FB posting - cute blog! And holy smokes...Gramma Hoerth always tells me that she thinks Elin looks just like Breigh, and in that picture of her with the eggs - I feel like I'm looking at Elin in a few years. Craziness! And cuteness. :)

Alicia W said...

Gorgeous family!

Cheryl said...

Great post about your beautiful children. I loved seeing pictures of all of them individually, as well as together...just precious!

With Hope,

Ashley said...

so cute! i think all the girls look a LOT alike!

Ashley said...

(and if your baby wearing days are really over, and you are thinking about selling your ergo.. think of me!) :)