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Monday, April 23, 2012

catch up

so i thought i'd post about my trip a little bit as a catch up. :)
i already shared a picture the other day from my trip. ((our pastor loved the gift)) that sunny day was only one of a few days of sun we got in california. most days it was warmer here in WI. lol. none of that mattered to me though, i had a really blessed time.

here are veronica and i at the airport. i had been up since 3AM, so forgive the sloppy me!

it was so nice to see her again! we headed straight for "home" and hung out, ate dinner. and then took a macy's trip after her girls went to bed. her sister was having a baby shower that saturday and needed some guidance. it was fun helping her pick out an outfit for the shower.

the next day was a beautiful rainy day in california.
it was going to be a beach picture day for me...but that didn't work out. i did get some souvenirs bought and we enjoyed lunch at splash cafe. we also checked out avila barn. i didn't get a picture there...but got a little picture of the scenery by it.
 even on a dreary day it's so pretty!!

thursday was veronica's daughter's birthday. so we had a fun dinner together with her family and some yummy cake!

it truly was fun to hang out with veronica and her family during my trip. but it was so weird not having any kids to get ready. i felt sort of lazy sitting around.

friday and i veronica and i got to spend the afternoon together. we had lunch at a yummy sandwich place. and then got some more things ready for the shower. she took me to my first trip to costco and trader joe's so it was fun! after dinner friday night we spent time getting the place ready for the shower the next day.

shower day! we got there early to decorate. i've never been to such a fancy shower. lol. seriously all of the small details were so perfectly planned. veronica is a great party thrower! they did a "birdie" theme, and it was just so precious.
 one of her sister's friends made these birdie sachets. so sweet.
 candy dish with "eggs"...i didn't get a picture after we added a cute birdie to the tulle.
 loved the birdies.
 guest book and guessing game.
 the "entrance" tables.
 guest tables and opening gifts room. :)
 the spread of food...so much food!
me and veronica! 

after the shower i think i felt the relief of stress fall off of veronica's shoulders. we enjoyed an adults only dinner at a steak place and then veronica and her hubby took me to the ocean. it was CRAZY to see the ocean at night. i know it was pitch black. but still beautiful.

sunday we went to an early service at veronica's church. then went to lunch at a hot dog place, where i had a hamburger, because i'm just a picky eater and knew i'd like the burger. sunday was the nicest day of all, it was beautiful and sunny and they were gracious enough to take me to the beach so i could get a few pictures. the ocean is so beautiful. it's one of my favorite parts of california...that and the palm tress. rank near the top.

while there i also stopped in a little shop to buy something. we got a different vehicle awhile ago and i wanted something fun for it...so this is what i got. (don't mind the bird poo.)
i figured i could find something like that here or even online, but it's more fun because it came from california. and they're pink. so it's even more perfect!

sunday night was my come home night. i left california around 11pm and got home around 9AM the next morning. i was so excited to see my family again. and they were happy to have momma home.

oh...and shaun. he's super dad. seriously. the man POTTY TRAINED dustin while i was gone! so now i have only one kiddo in diapers. it's happily weird. and i'm even more in awe of the man God has blessed me with. and throughout the trip i was in awe of the friends God has blessed me with...even states away. veronica and her family are awesome hosts and i'm so grateful for them!

3 loving words from you.:

Linda said...

So glad you had a good visit with Veronica! I enjoyed the pictures. The shower looked like it all turned out real nice! Yes, I think Ver is a pretty gifted girl! And I know she enjoyed and appreciated your help.

I love the ocean too...and I have been missing it so much lately. I would love to be able to go see Veronica and her family one of these days. John's cousin lives in her same town...so it may just happen one of these days!

Glad you had safe travels...but 11-9 is a long day of travel. Did you sleep on the plane? I think that's what I would have done.

Take Care!
Momma Linda

Kelli @ RTSM said...

That sounds like such a fun trip! California looks like a beautiful place! I love the flip-flops...and yay for Dustin being potty trained!

Holly said...

sounds like a great trip! glad you got to go!! :)

and seriously awesome that Dustin is PL'd now!!