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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

raising up.

it's really part of my goal as a momma to raise my girls to be keepers of their future homes. to learn how to be a good wife and momma. we have a dishwasher. but recently the girls have been asking to do the dishes...so we let them. they take over the kitchen at get them washed. dried. and put away.

 ((i should mention, that dustin also enjoys helping, i believe this was during naptime, so he was napping.)) we are not against daddy or dustin helping out with dishes or housework. and i honestly think it's important to show dustin that daddy does help with those things. not always, but he does. i don't want to raise him with the mentality that he can just sit around and do nothing while his wife does all the work. i believe the wife should be doing a majority of the work, but i also believe that the husband can help a little. i also think it's something that should be talked about between a husband and wife, because it's the agreement that shaun and i came to, so i can say that i believe it and do it, because it's okay on both ends. 

of course dishes aren't the only thing that they help with, just the other day breigh begged me to be able to vacuum. 
i thought for not even a mili-second...and let her, of course! but let me tell you, it warms my heart to have them asking to do it. i also was stressing out that day, and i think that she knew it would bless me, and that it did. i really will be honest and say that i think one way "you" could show me love is by acts of service. so she was for sure speaking one of my love languages. 

i'm seriously blessed. and i know it. and i'm so thankful for all of the blessings God has given me.

2 loving words from you.:

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I think it's amazing that you are teaching your kiddos this kind of stuff so young. It is amazing to me that some kids never have to do any work around the house! We don't have a set schedule, but my boys help clean the house {dust, vacuum, sweep, load the dishwasher, and fold clothes} quite often. They also have to help in the yard with Jason too:)

Marissa said...

I agree - it is very important to allow kids to help/do the chores. And I also think that boy mommas should be teaching their sons how to do some chores, not because they should marry someone that doesn't do chores, but in case they live on their own for awhile, or if their wife is sick, or just because being about to care for your possessions is important. As the momma of boys, I do most of the chores, and consider it part of the job, so don't think I'm trying to do anything crazy here.

And that is so sweet that your little girl knows how to speak your love language, priceless.

You are blessed