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Friday, May 11, 2012

almost finished.

we only have a few days left of school. tomorrow. and then four days next week. 
YIKES! this year flew by. we started about the second week of august...and took a few weeks off around Christmas, and other times. but we're almost done. it's been a great year. so great. here are some pictures from this week. 
here are dustin and evaleigh. through the course of the year they've sat at the table longer and longer. and really have been doing well. dustin loves feeling "cool" with his own workbook/worksheets. my goal over summer is to teach him how to correctly hold his pencil. i've never had to teach the girls. but i see he doesn't hold it correctly. evaleigh LOVES to color. we got her, her very own "school box" and she felt super important with her own pencil and crayons.
 amelya is working through her cursive book. she has come a long way in her handwriting this year. we've worked through the book at her pace. and i think that was the best idea, because she's perfecting it. and she loves being able to write "pretty". (a reason for handwriting, level T)
 i bought breigh her spelling curriculum for next year...but she wanted to start it now. (we use a reason for spelling, level A) there is a phonics portion at the beginning of the book, and i'm having her work through that. her reading has been coming along great, but she could use some practice with some of the phonics. we started first grade a few months back so this extra practice is helping. i'm so proud of her reading. she's getting better each week, and i have to remind myself that she isn't amelya. i rarely had to go over things with amelya, so it's a whole new world with breigh. as i'm sure it will be caitlyn. ;)
 i got caitlyn's handwriting. (a reason for handwriting, level K) again it's for "next year" but we couldn't wait. so we started it. she is good at writing her letters, now we're focusing on writing them "correctly" on the lines. she is loving having being in "kindergarten". we've started math, too. (singapore, earlybird edition)
here's a picture of the spelling and handwriting i bought breigh. and caitlyn's handwriting and math. we have been a lot wiser with our money and that means no credit cards. so i've been buying curriculum when i have the funds to do so. the day i bought this, my total in my paypal was 101.61. my total for the curriculum 101.62. so i paid 1 penny out of our checking. i LOVE God working out all the little details. :)
 i was able to also purchase caitlyn's reading curriculum. i sold our curriculum we were originally going to use for next year, and bought it. i'm excited to get started on this. i haven't decided when we'll start. she won't be five til september, so i have a while if i need it. ((my guess is we'll start sometime in the next month. she's showing signs of being ready)) (ordinary parent's guide to teaching reading, from peace hill press)
i think i blogged awhile back about switching curriculum for next year. we decided to go with...
tapestry of grace gives three, free weeks of their curriculum, so i got it and fell in love. the price isn't "fall in love" worthy...BUT i know it'll be great. and we're just waiting on buying it until we have the funds. which is in june...so only about a month to wait! ;) i'm so excited!!

and of course, i'll share more about tapestry of grace...when we actually START using it! thanks for putting up with my rambling school post...when i get going about homeschooling, it's hard to stop. :)

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

Sounds like your kiddos had a great year! I am going over to check out those handwriting books. Henry has perfect penmanship, but Grant's is terrible so we are going to work on it over the summer.