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Thursday, June 14, 2012

6 years ago..

to my breigh.

i can NOT believe you're six!! how can you be six already?! but alas, you are. i can't stop time, or you from growing up. so happy birthday my breigh-breigh!!

you are growing up so fast, and each day i see the tender heart God has given you. the servant's heart towards babies and little ones. it is like there is magnet in your heart pulling you towards any little baby. you love wednesday night church because you have a 'job' to take care of the little babies in the nursery. and the babies love you. keep that sweet heart of yours and you'll always feel blessed by the love you have for little ones and the love they give you. even though evaleigh tries to use it to her advantage...i love seeing her love you so much. she will go by you when she's been disciplined and mad at me. ((which we have found a balance in!)) and she is always so excited to see you, and sit by you, and talk to you.

i love watching you play and giggle. your giggle is so contagious. it does not matter how i'm feeling, when i hear that giggle...it just brightens my day. right alone with that little smirk you give. or the eyes you make. you're full of so much emotion and joy radiates off of you.

the love i already see you have for Jesus, blesses my socks off. you love to sing and dance and your favorite song remains to be "God's not dead". i love that you are not ashamed (which we shouldn't be) to sing to Jesus, sing about Jesus, talk about Jesus and share Jesus with others. The joy of the Lord is hidden in your heart, don't EVER let it leave!! i love that you always find the good in people, at least twice a day you tell me "that person showed kindness by....." your perspective is one that more should have.

i'm so proud at how far you've come in school this past year. it's amazing to me how much you've learned and grew in just a year. i am so proud at your reading skills. your awesome math talent, and just everything! i'm so glad and blessed to be your teacher!

as you enter into "two hands needed for age" remember you'll still always be my baby. my lap will never be too small for you. my heart always holds you. and i love you. serve Jesus. love Jesus and hold on tight to Him and life won't seem so crazy. because even as much as i love you...He loves you all the more. i love you baby girl! forever and always.

your momma

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