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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

not little forever

our babies are not little forever. so when dustin wakes up early to go to the potty...i have no problems with this...
him in our bed after. :)

we are not co-sleepers. we do have our little ones in our room for awhile (in a pack and play next to our bed). i think on average they stayed in our room at least 13-14 months. amelya was the shortest in our room for no reason other than we decided to move her. for the rest it was "ease".

the kids are allowed to come in our beds during storms, or bad dreams or what have you. but we choose to not make it a habit of every night. we have a queen sized bed, and honestly...i hog it. i don't want to share it with anyone other extra people. and you know, it's okay. AND it's okay if you choose to safely co-sleep with your little ones. :) i also have a rule, if anyone gets up after daddy goes to work, they have free reign to come in bed with me.

for me it comes down to realizing they are not little forever. that there IS going to come a point that i won't have to help dustin go potty and that he won't want to come in bed with me. or that there will come a point that they aren't going to want to cuddle all up on your lap. so i'm choosing to enjoy these precious moments.

these precious moments that are all too fleeting.

because honestly watching him sleep (or even any of the girls...) makes my heart swell with overflowing blessing.  i could stare at them forever while they sleep.

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-stephanie- said...

I agree!! Just yesterday both my girls took a nap!!! That never happens! I paused a few moments and watched them sleep. Still sweet even when they are 10 and 7.5