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Monday, June 11, 2012


i LOVE rummage sales.
i love being able to find good deals on good clothes. with five little ones it's impossible to cloth them all with BRAND new clothing. so i love being able to find like new clothing for cheap at rummage sales. it's even a bigger blessing when i get to have "first dibs" and go through things early...my friend let me do this last week, i made a haul!

even better. this was all under $100. most of the clothes are from children's place. i LOVE their jeans, so i was excited to get a lot of jeans. and there is a columbia zip up fleece. and tons of cute shirts. i think i only need to find a few more dresses and amelya is all set for awhile. :) seriously this is such a great deal!! 

so now, this week...i'm hoping to give others a good deal. :) i'll be setting up for a rummage sale. i'm so thankful my sister is a stay at home momma now, because she's coming to help me set up. i'm doing it at my parent's house, so if you have little girls...message me or leave a comment with your email...and i can get you the address. it's mostly girls' clothes. with some baby boy. and my parent's house is actually for sale, so if you're looking for a sweet little home...you'd be set! i've done a sale the past two years, so i'm looking forward to doing another one this year. it's fun to get some extra spending money. :)

the girls are wanting to do their own sale, so i'm thinking about how to work that out with them. i think it'd be a good way to teach them about money. and it's math. so it's school!

hope you all have a good week. i'm going to try to have some scheduled posts, since i've been pretty decent at this blogging thing lately...

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