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Thursday, July 12, 2012

childhood memories

maybe the picture won't bring back memories for you...
but it did for me!!

breigh got 13,000 beads and the pegboards for her birthday. i actually suggested it to my sister, because a few weeks before the birthday party i saw them at joann and knew breigh would love it.

and love it she did. the three big girls all loved it. they had fun picking out colors and making shapes look beautiful. and as the momma...i had fun being in charge of the iron! :)

and it was fun to have the memories of making my own little projects like these. i think it's great to have some of the same things that i had growing up, for my kids. sure there might be a bajillion beads to spill...but that's why i have them do it only when the little two are napping. and sure i may be a paranoid mother telling them every point five seconds...the iron is ON. be careful of the iron. the iron is HOT. but it's still fun for all of us!!

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Ashley said...

they had those at ayden's after school care program in stevens point and he would come home with a new one almost every night that he had to go! he loved playing with them and then he started to rip them apart at home and try to build other three dimensional things with them. i swear that kid is going to be an engineer when he grows up, he LOVES to build new things! and... it does bring back childhood memories for me!