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Monday, July 16, 2012

keeping at it.

working out. i've gotten myself on a great track and actually having shaun hold me accountable and making me get out of bed. this picture was taken BEFORE 7 AM last week after a HIIT workout. notice, i'm even smiling!
and i was even in pain. lol. boot camp last week kicked my bum. and i was SORE for a few days. i seriously debated just sitting on the toilet all day one day last week, so i wouldn't have to keep getting up and down. tmi, maybe! :) but it's a good pain. i love, seriously LOVE the pain of a good workout. i guess it makes me feel like i actually did something.

last week shaun's sister came over a few days and we went for a walk. we decided to try walking the block, which is about 4 miles. and we did it! it was nice to chat with her, and it didn't even feel like 4 miles. my old goal was to run it, but i seriously do not like running. i really don't even enjoy it. i'd much rather walk. so my new goal is to run half of it. because i try to convince myself that running IS fun. that i WILL enjoy it if i do it more. i'm not so sure if that's true.

this morning was boot camp. i dread getting up for it at 445. but once i'm up at at it, i really do enjoy the workout. it was hot today, and the workout went fast. well, as fast as a workout can go at 530AM. there was some running today, and the entire time i told myself you LOVE this. come on. you LIKE it? ugh. i can't wait til the running is over. :) just keeping it real. i do it. but i don't love it, that's for sure. i do like it more than i like squats. i do not like those. but i like squats a TON more than i like burpees. burpess are pure awfulness. and maybe it's because i really have to push myself to do them, because i don't like them? i am actually learning to like push ups! i never dreamed a day where i'd say that. so i'm thinking eventually i might say, hey...running isn't THAT bad.

there are only three more boot camp mondays left. i'm really glad i decided to do this boot camp. it's spiraled in to me caring more about working out. and taking care of myself. and hey...the waistline getting trimmer thing...that doesn't hurt either.

shaun and i started a diet last week. and i hate using the word diet. it's more of a life style change. the first 10 days are a cleanse. we're a week in!! woo hoo. we've both been holding each other accountable. and i've been noticing a change in shaun and in myself. we allowed ourselves a "cheat" lunch yesterday after church. and we both felt "blech" after it! we ate at a decent place, not fast food, but we were both amazed at what the food did to us. it's been fun doing it with shaun. we actually signed up to be distributors with the company we're doing the cleanse/challenge with. mainly to save the money on the products. and just seeing where it can take us in other ways. the company is called advocare. if you're interested in checking into it you can look here. i'm not trying to sell you anything at all. and really wasn't going to mention anything til i had our 24 day results. but it's hard to not talk about it. :) i have been 'journaling' throughout the challenge so far, and will share that at the end.

i had shaun take before pictures as well. i looked at them once, and haven't loaded them on the computer. mainly because, they grossed me out. i am honestly excited to see a picture of myself and not hate how it looks. i've never had to deal with this before, and it's really not fun. i KNOW that the number on the scale, the way i look doesn't define WHO i am in Christ...but it does get me down. and i know i lose my confidence in myself, and then in turn my confidence in Christ goes down...so by taking care of what Christ has given me...will turn out all good.

and i'm trying to not get frustrated with my awesome husband. he's lost 5 pounds in the first 7 days!! his pants are loose! i've got zero pounds down. but an inch and a half lost. shaun didn't measure himself, so i'm not sure what that is for him. i'm just excited to be doing this with him and watching both of us get healthier. the kids are in turn eating better as well. i guess it because we have healthier snacks in the house...sure we do have the fruit snacks, but they're also eating snow peas. raw spinach and edamame. :)

so, yeah, keeping at it. it's good. and it was a huge challenge last week because of doing the rummage sale at my sister's house i had to plan out supper and make sure we were making good choices. planning lunches, etc. i held out on a TON of temptations. the biggest one i was proud of myself for, was fries and cheese sauce from JD's. (a local fast food place) it's really been great. the Lord has really been helping me. each morning and all day long i ask Him to help me make wise choices. to help me with the temptations, and to not snack on junk. it's my reliance on Him that has helped me get through a lot of struggles with the food. maybe that sounds 'weird' to some of you, but for me, it's been a real 'game changer'. knowing that i can't do ANYTHING on my own.

i'll probably be sporadic these next few weeks...VBS starts on sunday at our church and i'm heading it up with a couple of friends. this week is crunch time to make sure everything is "set". ((if you're local...let me know if you're interested in coming!! it's free and open to everyone PRE-K (age 4) -6th grade. or check out the facebook invite.))

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Zookeeper Jess said...

That is awesome that you're working out and eating great! Isn't it just unfair how the men lose tons and a lot faster than us? I was always jealous of my husband who would drop 5 pounds or 3 pounds a week and I would drop 1 a week. Just try to remember that they tend to drop it a lot faster! It's been a little over a year since we started our fitness and health journey. It took me 5 and a half months to get to my goal and it was amazing. Definitely continue to take photos. I took one a week and it was one of the major reasons that I kept going because it was so motivating to see the changes each week!! Good luck to you!