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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 days in

as i mentioned in my last post, shaun and i have been doing a 10 day cleanse through advocare. it is the first part of the 24 day challenge. originally i was going to wait 24 days before saying anything, because i wanted to see if it actually worked. well 10 days in, i can see results. so i have to share how excited i am!! :)
i put together a collage type thing in photoshop in hopes to see the differences. here are the results:

can i just say, i hadn't realize that i was over 190?! i have never been that weight NOT pregnant. it made me really upset. i guess because i didn't "feel" like i was that weight. but the pictures speak louder than words, i was clearly not as thin as my rose colored glasses in my head made me feel. 

so this morning when i stepped on the scale for the second day in a row to read UNDER the 190...i was SO excited. i've accomplished my first goal in only 10 days...get the heck out of the 190's. 

when i loaded the pictures up, shaun was anxious to see if there was a difference. he was all, oh yeah! look at your belly!! and i realized that 1 inch lost in my belly doesn't seem like a lot...but it truly does look a bit different. my belly is one of my biggest "ugh" things, so i was super excited to lose the most in my belly. 

so the official results are 4 pounds and 2.5 inches down in 10 days. not bad!! i'm really excited to be through the cleanse part. there is a fiber drink that you need to drink for the first and last three days...it's not the greatest. but my best tip is: drink it in orange juice. then i just tastes like orange juice with pulp. lots of pulp. ;)

i'm excited to start the second part of the challenge. i'm excited to be doing this with shaun. he's never done any sort of weight loss thing with me. so it's fun. i don't know if he weighed himself this morning or not, but as of last week he was down 5 pounds. he never measured himself. and didn't let me take pictures. so we only have the scale to go off of for him. i'm just glad i made him take pictures. he doesn't "care" as much as i do about pictures, hence the head cutting off. leg cutting off. but whatever. you can still see. :)

now the scale and tape measure say i've lost. but have i noticed? it's weird, i have. but i've noticed mainly in my back. i can't really explain it, but my clothes feel looser in the back. i can also see the change in my waist. again, a half an inch doesn't seem like much, but i feel like there is a difference. 

in addition to doing the cleanse i've also been consistently working out. i've done my boot camp workouts on monday mornings. gone for 4 mile walks with my sister in law. and turbo fire workouts. shaun has done zero working out, and still has lost. BUT he does work really hard at work and can't sit still for long. :)

and i'm sorry to go on about this again. i just am really excited for something to be working! and for being able to stick at it with my awesome hubby. we're not calling it a diet, we're calling it a life style change. and i was so proud of shaun last night when we were trying to decide supper, and it was SO hot out...and we both wanted to order in pizza...we refrained! we both admitted later if either of us would've said during the discussion, call pennelopy's...we would've. so i'm glad we both kept our mouths shut, and didn't give into the temptations.

i've made it my goal to not have a drop of soda in these 24 days. 10 days in. whew. generally i only drink soda when we go out to eat, and since we haven't gone out to eat much in the past 10 days, i haven't been tempted that way. i also have a soda stream, so i've been carbonating water and adding orange juice or cranberry juice to it. it gives me my craving for fizz, but in a better way. 

yesterday i posted this picture on facebook of my face, just in the past two months i can't believe how my face changed. (either that, or dark hair makes me look fat) :)

and then, as much as i love my dark hair. i realize how much i love my blonde hair. lol. i was set on going back to dark for fall/winter..now i'm not so sure. and i act like it's such a "major" decision, it's really not. i just love getting my hair done. :)

tomorrow starts phase two. and my goal is to not bore you with details in the mean time, and let you know the final results on day 24. 

6 loving words from you.:

Jen said...

You look GREAT!

suzanne said...

Way to go! thats awesome that you guys are sticking with it. Always the hardest part for me.

mittelmommy said...

Great job! You Did NOT look like you were in the 190S to start!..at all. That shocked me when i read that bc i just saw you and i didnt guess at the time but if i would of had to i would have guessed like 20 lbs less! But i know how it feels to feel down bc of reaching a weight point...i hit it this pregnancy...we've talked about it yrs ago but you may still recall it! :( i have been having a hard time with it.
Anyway, good job and congrats on the 4 pounds!

mittelmommy said...

Ps...i usually dont comment on your hair bc you already know that i like blonde on you..but maybe to still change it up a little you could do a darker/warmer blonde for fall and throw in some really blonde hilights on top! Just an idea if u want to stay blonde but still have some change.

Holly said...

way to go so far!

Sarah said...

You are SO brave! And yes, you can DEFINITELY see a difference! Good for you, sweetie!