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Friday, July 20, 2012

getting buggy

i'm pretty sure i mentioned that our church is doing VBS next week!! it's our very first VBS, and to say i'm super excited...is an understatement!! i'm so very super excited. a few months back VBS came up in conversation and i stated how i'd love for our church to do one. the pastor was asked, he okayed it...and off we went.

our theme is...

it's a super cute curriculum and i can't wait for the kids to enjoy it!

i've been heading it up with two friends at church. it's been a stretch for me actually because i have been needing to "delegate". i honestly am not good at it, i like to be in charge, but don't like delegating. maybe that doesn't make sense. but either way, the Lord has stretched me in many ways through heading up the VBS, and i'm sure there is more stretching to be involved.

today we're decorating the church for VBS. i cut out some bugs with my cricut. i figured it would save some money to just make most of our own decorations...aren't they adorable!

i actually cut out some more after i took this picture. i figured, you can't have TOO many bugs. as long as they're paper of course! 

my awesome mom is coming out to watch the kiddos for me, and then shaun is leaving work early so my mom can go to work. that way i don't have to bring the kids along to decorate. i know myself well enough that if i would have the kids with me, and people seeking my "direction" as to how/what/where/why to decorate...i wouldn't be able to handle it. so yay! for awesome mommas and husbands. ((and a sister who was willing to help, until her hubby took off and planned a fun day at the zoo!)) 

on top of ALL of this excitement...it's also date night!! somehow june ended up with NO date night, but we're making sure to get one in, in july. :) we are actually double dating. we didn't plan this date night til tuesday, so we tried to think of someone who wouldn't need to find a last minute baby-sitter and instantly thought of our pastor and his wife. we really enjoy hanging out with them, and it had been on my heart to invite them over for dinner...so instead of having them over for dinner...we're having someone else cook for us. yay! 

i haven't mentioned it on here, but our pastor (danny) retired earlier this month. our assistant pastor is now our pastor (kevin). since the men's retreat last year shaun has made a really nice connection with kevin. in fact, for the first time since his dad passed away, he has a man who has stepped up to be a mentor to him. kevin has been there for shaun as a mentor and as a friend. and to have someone (mainly an "older man"-it's weird calling him older because he's only 45, but i guess it's still older than shaun. lol) reach out to my quiet husband and take the time to get to know him, means a lot to me! it is the first time someone has done it (in the 'mentor' role).  the growth i've seen in shaun over the past year is so amazing, and i know the Lord has used kevin to do it. so again, so very thankful for the church family we've been blessed with. on top of an 'older' man shaun also has lots of great guy friends at church. which again, means so much to me. coming new to our church shaun and i  had to make friends as a "couple" which we really never had experience with before, and we've been so blessed by it. and i guess we've made friends as "families" because of all the great families in church, our kids have a ton of awesome friends as well. God has blessed us richly.

because of VBS, i may not be around much this next week. so enjoy your week. and if you're local to me...come check out our VBS!! :)

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