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Monday, July 23, 2012

special day

i'll be quite honest, i wish these 'special days' were more and less between. because of life and being busy we've had a hard time scheduling these days...but thankfully we're starting to find ways, and get better at them. on saturday i was blessed to hang out with breigh. i had a gift certificate for a pedicure from mother's day, so we decided to go get pedicures. sadly, the place i had the gc for booked, so we went to walmart instead for pedicures. and because it was a special day. and not busy. we got manicures as well.
breigh was quiet during the whole thing, but took it all in and loved it. they were nice enough to do a design on her nails, too.
after pedicures i got to get a new phone! :) i was able to get an upgrade, but shaun couldn't. and shaun hated his phone. so we worked it out that he would get my galaxy sII and i could get a galaxy sIII. so i got a new phone at sam's club, because phones are cheaper there...for the same thing! 

after getting my phone we got dinner. breigh wanted chipotle. so i went for a yummy burrito.
i LOVE chipotle. and it's yummy. :)

after dinner we went to the mall. we walked around and had a lot of fun...

i found some great tank tops at GAP. they were 40% off, and i'm using all my willpower to not go back and buy one in every color!!

after the mall we headed home. BUT first stopped for a small cone at a&w. i LOVE their root beer ice cream. 

i loved having the time with breigh. it was fun to have some one on one time, and i can't wait to do it again!!

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Amanda said...

Too cute! I can't wait to do things like that with my girls!

Also, I confess that I am EXTREMELY addicted to A&W's root beer ice cream right now. We had coupons for BOGO root beer floats, so we went there yesterday & got ours with root beer ice cream. Sooo good! :)