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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

it's that time, again

we homeschool.

we love it.

one of my MANY favorite things about homeschooling?! school stuff.

i'm waiting each day for prices to drop on crayons. markers. folders. all of it.

and get SUPER excited when i find things like this...

for only 88 CENTS a piece.

insert happy, content *sigh*.

2 loving words from you.:

suzanne said...

makes me sad to see back to school stuff only because i know i have to leave my kiddos. target also has some great things in the dollar spot!

tammy said...

Been homeschooling for over 20 years and I'm down to my last child who is starting 8th grade, but I still get all excited this time of the year! In fact, the mailman brought me THREE boxes today. (the last of the curriculum) It was as exciting as Christmas morn! ;)