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Friday, August 03, 2012

end of the 24 day challenge

i posted  a little while back about my results 10 days in...to the advocare 24 day challenge.

this week ended the 24 day challenge. and i have my "results". i'm quite pleased. i have pictures of the day 1, day 10 and day 24 results. because it's fun (for me) to look through and see the changes in each picture.
can i just say, when i started this challenge, i wasn't sure. i didn't know if i could make it through the 10 day cleanse. then i didn't know if i could keep going. i didn't know if i could make it through a crazy week of VBS and stay on track. 

BUT with the help of the Lord...i DID do it. i earnestly prayed for help each day. for help with self control. for help to make it through the day dead dog tired from getting up early. for help with sore muscles from boot camp. help for everything. ((and on top of the help i'm asking for each day already. ;) ))

overall in 24 days i lost 6 pounds. i was hoping for "more" only because it sounds better. BUT i also lost 6 inches. SIX?! that number surprised me. that's HALF A FOOT! i was so excited to get under the 40's this week for a belly measurement. ecstatic really. 

my sister in law asked me if i was noticing a change in my clothes at all. i really hadn't before that, so i said no. then i put on a pair of shorts. and a month ago they fit me. were a bit snug. and they weren't snug anymore, and i won't be able to wear them much longer because they're big. my only complaint is that they're big in the "back" i've noticed a loss in my back, more than my belly. it's just not as easy to see or notice. but it does feel nice to "feel" my shirts looser in the back. i can't wait for that to come around front and feel it in the front. because even though my belly DOES look smaller, i still "feel" fat. maybe a little less fat, but i still feel fat. 

my next goals are to keep on track with what i have started. to get completely out of the 40's for measurements. only my hips to go!! to get and fit into a size 12 again. ((my ultimate goal is a size 7/8)) to get out of the 180's. ((ultimate goal of 145-150)) 

it's really nice to have shaun be so encouraging to me. and to be continuing this with me. i WISH he would've let me take pictures of him. because in the past 24 days he has gone from 210 to 196!! he's lost 14 pounds!!  i'll have to sneak a picture of his face to compare at least that. ;)

all i know is that this journey would be a lot harder without someone to do it with. and i don't think he'll catch "down" to my weight, but i better get moving down if i don't want him to. lol. ;)

i'm so excited. i really am. i'm so glad that shaun found out about advocare from a guy he knows through work. if you'd like any information on things, let me know. i don't want you to think i'm just trying to sell you anything. i don't care if you don't use advocare at all. i'm just sharing about it because i love what it did for us. and if it could help you, i'm here to help you! :) 

3 loving words from you.:

The Mama said...

Yay! You are doing awesome! Keep it up! And keep these update posts coming. They are encouraging :)

Veronica said...

It's awesome to hear how much you love Advocare and how well you did over the past month. The hard work and perseverance is paying off. Great job!

Sarah said...

So.proud of you! SIX inches! Good for you, girl!