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Saturday, July 07, 2012

happy birthday.

miss evaleigh...
you're TWO today. two entire years have gone by since you blessed us with your arrival. i can't believe it. the two years have seem to gone by so quickly.

it's no secret, for right now...and most likely always, you're our "baby". you're the "last one". it's taught me to make sure i'm enjoying every single moment of all of your lives. your entrance to this world was a hard one. it was my worst delivery yet, and also helped convince me i'm not wanting to do THAT ever again. ;) but since  that brief hour of torture...you've done nothing but bless us. and smile at us with those precious dimples.

i'll admit, i'm also partial to your curls. with each baby i prayed they'd have curls. you're the first one to have them. now i'm just praying they stay!! you smile and i smile. the look on your face. the twinkle in your eyes. makes all things just a bit better. your giggle, mixed with the giggles of your siblings...and no one can be having a bad day.

you still love to cuddle with me, and i love it! i love it when you lay your little head on my chest and put your thumb in your mouth and just cuddle. and even though i'll eventually need to rid you of that thumb sucking, i secretly love watching you sleep while you suck your thumb.

since you've been born we've been praying for you. we've been sharing Jesus with you. and now that you're getting older and can talk more, you pray each night before bed. i love listening to your praying. and the enthusiastic AMEN!! at the end always blesses my heart.

keep on looking to Him and pouring your heart to Him. the Lord will NOT disappoint you. NEVER. NEVER EVER!! momma and daddy will do our best to be the best parents we can to you, but the Lord is truly the best parent to you. He's blessed us with you, and i'm so thankful for the gift of being able to raise you in His love.

i love you miss evaleigh jo faith. always and forever.

3 loving words from you.:

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Evaleigh!

-stephanie- said...

That two years went by really fast!

Happy Birthday sweet girl.

Stephanie said...

No way! Happy Birthday miss Evaleigh!