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Monday, July 09, 2012

take 2

i may be sporadic this week.

it's time for a take 2 of our rummage sale! my sister lives about a half hour-ish away from me, and in a bigger town. we decided since she's staying home this year, to hold a sale at her house as well.

thankfully everything was packed away in an orderly fashion, so we don't have to sort anything out. just unpack the totes and fill the tables. the girls are excited to help with the sale again, and to spend the week hanging out at their cousin's house.

i'm excited to get rid of more things!! :) my sale at my parent's house went really well, so i'm praying this is a repeat of that. plus it feels good to rid ourselves of more things.

and on top of the rummage sale excitement...i have a haircut today!! woo hoo. i love getting my haircut. really, love it. and because my hair is short...that means i MUST get it cut every 4-5 weeks. :) and more than needing a haircut, i also need my eyebrows waxed. which i've stated before...i will not pluck them myself, i can't bring myself to do it. so i succumb to the pain of the waxing, and it's all good!

this morning was boot camp. i survived. barely. but it was good. i guess. i mean, really it was as good as good can be at 530 in the morning and you'd rather be in bed. and then it's hot, so you're dizzy and actually almost throw up. then you understand the throwing up on biggest loser, and promise to never ever laugh at them again. :) yeah, like THAT kind of good.

and with all that randomness...i'll stop!! enjoy your week!!

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