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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

boot camp. check.

this week marked the last week of boot camp! i DID IT!! i actually did it! i woke up each monday for the past nine weeks (one week was a rain out day, but i did get up that early, and then promptly went back to bed) at 5:00 AM and went to work out! and it wasn't just "work out" it was BOOT CAMP! i was sore more weeks than not. i sweated away in hot weather. BUT i did it! i don't want to be all boastful, but i'm so stinkin' proud of myself. i really didn't know what i was getting myself into. yesterday as i got up, and wiped the eye boogers out of my eyes...i looked out my window in the kitchen and saw this...
and was so thankful that i did the boot camp. and could see the beauty of God's morning that i would normally sleep through.

so the nine weeks were brutal at some points. but so beautiful as well. and it's catapulted me into working out more consistently and becoming the healthier me i've been waiting for! :)

3 loving words from you.:

Cheryl said...

So happy for you! What a blessing to be able to look back and be happy about your decision/decisions.

Sarah said...

Way to go! That class wasn't for me, but I was really glad I tried it!


Ashley said...

yippie! i was really bummed i couldn't make it to the last class, but i did get enough of a workout that morning running back and forth from the bathroom, tmi, i know, lol! now i just need to get motivated and get back into a good routine working out!