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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

taking time { for the little things}

last friday i had a messy kitchen. stuff all over the dining room because of organizing school stuff. and i'm sure there was SOMETHING that needed to be washed in the laundry room.

BUT instead of doing the "maid's work"...i decided to let it go. relax about it. and hang out with my kids. we had some errands to run. and instead of rushing through them to get home and do naps/rest time (so i could get the work done) i decided to have a late lunch of nitrates lunchables at the park (i had subway...) and before the park we delivered some flowers to kimmy at work. kimmy is what they call shaun's sister. she had been having a rough week at work and i thought we could brighten her day with some flowers. my goal is to always show the kids, that the little things matter, so even though flowers seem little to us, they mattered to kimmy.

and i guess to me, the little things matter a lot, it seems little to me to buy the kids lunchables and eat at the park. but the kids LOVED it. and...i LOVED it. i didn't think at all about the work i had left undone at the house. i took the time and enjoyed my babies. because THAT truly is what this momma thing is about. enjoying these little moments.

while we were eating it was also an awesome moment for SCHOOL! we saw an ant carrying away a piece of cheese. the kids loved seeing this. and to us, that piece of cheese is a little thing...to that ant...it was HUGE!

they also loved being able to play at the "sand park" for awhile. they all did really well with the tall slide. i am actually starting to like my shadow. amelya built a teepee with sticks. caitlyn enjoyed the horses. dustin, breigh and evaleigh were happy to stop for a picture on the equipment.
as they played on the slide they all lined up and said, "mom take a picture!" i love it! 
 ...and if their smiles say anything...i think they enjoyed the little things this day. 

later that night i looked at the dishes in the sink and said to shaun, your maid took off today. she decided to hang out with her kids instead. 

my heart swelled with love as shaun replied, good.

4 loving words from you.:

Stephanie said...

i love, love, LOVE this. especially the part about the ant and the cheese - that it seems small to us, but was big to him. this is so good. thank you for this!

-stephanie- said...

How fun! I've been doing the same with my girls. School starts in two weeks and I'm trying to pack some more fun in the days.
Your kids smiles say a lot! :o)

Heather Fox said...

What a fun day!! I am in love with the slide picture. Seriously, the best. I also think it is time to update the header of the blog. HAHA They all look so grown up now!

Katie Carney said...

I LOVE this post. You inspire me. Your kids are blessed. :)