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Friday, August 31, 2012

fragments {of random} on friday

i have lots to say. but little time to say it. so instead...just a bit of fragments.

* congrats to chantae! for winning the giveaway!! i'll get your info to them right away!

* we are in our third week of school. it has been going really well. amelya is loving learning about egypt and mummies and pyramids and usually is teaching ME things that i didn't know. ((because she's read all of the books that we're using already)) breigh is handling a bigger workload like a champ. i'm so proud of her. she's started a spelling curriculum and has been doing awesome! caitlyn is learning letter sounds. and she's catching on quite well. i wasn't sure how she'd do, and technically she has a year til K anyways...but she's doing great and i'm confident she will be entering 1st grade next year. ;) dustin is learning how to write his name. mainly because HE showed ME that he could write the letter "D". i honestly have never sat down to teach him it, i write it for him and tell him what i'm doing but never "taught" it. it shows...things are "caught" not "taught". evaleigh is enjoying just doing whatever. although yesterday she came up to me and said momma, 2 wipes. because she had 2 wipes in her hands...so i was happily impressed.

* we started latin last week. i think i'm enjoying learning a language right along with the kids. i bought the dvd's that teach it, and we all sit around the computer watching it. all of the kids are imitating the words to some degree. it's a lot of fun.

* it's shaun's weekend off!! woo hoo. and i think that he's only working a little bit on monday. so it's sort of like a long weekend.

* i'm a bit bummed about having to spend the entire day away from shaun saturday, though. my cousin and i are shooting pictures for a wedding. but the bummed-ness is taken away with the excitement of taking pictures! we're also doing a wedding together in october. :)

* caitlyn is going to be FIVE in a few days. it's crazy to me that she is already five. *almost*

* that means dustin will be FOUR next month!! seriously, time is a vapor.

* a dear friend had a baby this week. i can't wait to meet him.

* tonight is date night. i am SO excited about date night.

* last night we had a mouse in our living room!!! BLECH. YUCK. GROSS. i was in the kitchen and heard dustin say "there is a mouse in our house." shaun went to investigate and said "make sure mom stays in the kitchen." he came and got a plastic bag. picked up the mouse and killed it outside. we're thinking it was poisoned because it came out into the living room like it did and wasn't moving very fast. i didn't sleep well at all last night because of it. and now walk with trepidation around our house. i'm praying it's the only mouse of the year (that we see, i don't care if they want to stay warm...just stay out of where i can see you. if i can't see you, i pretend that you're probably not here!!!) seriously talking about it, is enough to make me gag. or cry.

* after seeing said mouse amelya says "mom, i've never seen a real live mouse in our house before, it was kind of cute." i spent the rest of the night trying to convince her that mice in fact are NOT cute. not even a little bit.

* i'm thankful for where God has us. i know that's a blanket statement. but really, it could not be more true.

3 loving words from you.:

Amy Kolbe said...

Lol oh Amelya! I literally almost spit out my coffee reading this. Hope the mice use the barn and not your house!

-stephanie- said...

In a few months I will comment in Latin. Abby is learning Latin also, which means that I will learn it as well. :o)

mittelmommy said...

Thanks again...always fun to win!
What made you decide to do latin? I thought you wanted to do french? Anyway sounds fun to be doing it all together!
Praying you dont see anymore Ugly things w tails in your house...as amy said...use the barn to keep warm!