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Thursday, September 06, 2012

5 years old!

to my caitlyn michaela.

you are five years old today!!

 i still remember the moment the doctor said, "it's a caitlyn!" as much as i would've bet that you were a boy, i was SO excited to have the caitlyn i had imagined since i was a little girl.

in the five years since...i've been blessed out of my socks with you. your smile and that little nose crunch. the twinkle in your eyes. every little thing about you.

we started school with you this year. your determination to do well is something that will take you far in life. don't lose that determination. you stick to your guns...and i know it will help you to be a great leader some day. being the momma of a strong willed child is something that can be a little crazy...but i can't wait to see the woman you grow up to be.

i love to watch you dance. you allow the music to reach deep into your soul and you move to the music of your soul. the Lord has blessed you with a sweet talent.

being the "middle" child allows you to have the best of both worlds...being a little sister AND a big sister. :) the relationship i see you have with your sisters and brother makes my heart overflow with gladness. you're a great sister and a great friend to them. i love to watch you play "baby" together and have bike races and parades together.

your love for the Lord is something that (of course) makes me fill with joy. your always talking about church and look forward to seeing who is going to be your teacher. you always let us know what you learned and explain in great detail about it.

your attention to details. your determination. your leadership skills. make you a strong person. don't let anyone tear into that. stay strong. and more importantly...stay strong IN the Lord. allow Him to guide your steps. allow Him to BE your everything. and then your skills and strengths will be used to glorify Him in all that you do and are.

i love you. forever and always.

happy birthday miss caitlyn michaela!!!


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Cheryl said...

A beautiful post about a very special girl! Happy Birthday Caitlyn!