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Monday, October 29, 2012


in the midst of the craziness that has been our life lately...i've been using my down time to crochet.

the crochet "urge" started when a friend asked if i could make her a  minion hat...here's the finished-ish product. i hadn't "finished" of the black yet. :)

in the mean time i had a friend ask if i could make her a sleepy owl hat...

after i posted a picture of the minion, i had another friend want one. and then the sister of the sleepy owl hat owner, wanted one for her daughter. and another friend asked if i could do a newsboy hat...
((i think it's hard to see the newsboy hat...but it is so cute! and i forgot to have the hair on the minion when i posted this picture...but he had hair before he left my house.))

in addition to the newsboy hat, my friend also wanted an owl hat. she wanted it gender neutral because she's a photographer. so i added a clippie to it, so it can look a bit more girly. :) 

after that, it was 2 more minions for two brothers.

then, i got a pattern for leg warmers. i made some for my niece's birthday.
((i'm seriously..IN LOVE with these!!))

and then this weekend i also finished up another owl hat...

on the hook right now is another pair of leg warmers. 2 owl hats for shaun's cousin's twins. another newsboy hat. and then 2 more owl hats. whew. i've really been praying about direction with all of this, and i feel that when people message me for hats after i post pictures on facebook...that must be direction! ;) it's a blessing to me really. that people think i'm good enough to make things for them. and it's been a huge blessing because my friend who had the blue sleepy owl hat, had her precious newborn sons pictures taken in it. blessed my socks off. :) 

i just want to bless people with my little hobby. and it's fun. and in turn..i'm being blessed. even more awesome! 

3 loving words from you.:

Cheryl said...

I see Etsy.com in your future! I love them!

Kelli W said...

Amanda those are SUPER adorable! Seeing all of those cute hats make me want to learn how to make some too!

Angelwingsbaby said...

I so love our owl hat that you made sorry I have not posted a picture of her wearing it yet not but she is sick :-( I just can't tell you how adorable we think it is! Great job! :-)