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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


well surely, i haven't been around HERE! life has been SO busy the past few weeks. the past few weeks our typical schedule has been this:

MONDAY: during the day normal things like school, housework, etc. and then i've been helping out shaun's cousin's son with homework/extra help with school stuff
TUESDAY: we are transitioning into a leadership role for children's ministry, so i meet with the current leader and discuss things and learn things. and i've been re-organizing all of the classrooms. while i do this the kids help clean the church. we get home and do a light school work day and then tuesday nights are Bible study for me.
WEDNESDAY: normal day during the day. (except once a month a co-op). and then wednesday night church.
THURSDAY: normal during the day. late afternoon dance class for the four big kids.
FRIDAY: normal. and nothing else. so we play catch up with things that need to be done. and relax. chill out.

our past few saturdays have been busy. last weekend i did my cousin's wedding photos. and this weekend we had caitlyn and dustin's birthday parties. next weekend we have our niece's birthday party.

sundays are church day. and then we do lunch and come home to chill out. and on sunday nights shaun has Bible study.

so as you can see, blogging took the back burner. i've also been taking up some crocheting orders again. so i've been doing that.

BUT i love this. i love this busy stuff. i'm enjoying each moment of crazy and taking it all in. and really...i would not trade it...for anything. i love being able to spend all day with my kids. to serve at church with them. and to serve on sundays with shaun. i love being able to fellowship with my sweet sisters at church. i love being able to relax after the kids go to bed and crochet. i love to get up in the "wee" hours of the morning and fellowship with my Lord. and to work out. to enjoy the quiet before the busy day.

i'm so thankful for where God has us. i know all to soon there will be a time that i won't have "all this" to do. that i'll wonder what in the world to do. oh, i'm sure i'll find SOMETHING. but for now. i'm enjoying being around with my kids. my family. and right where God wants me.

i find myself smiling more during the days. i find myself diving straight into the craziness and basking in all that God has blessed me with. it's crazy. it's good. and it's right where God wants me.

i've learned to make sure that it's God first. Shaun next. then the Kids. and then everyone else. i've become more disciplined in this. and it's made my life so much better. and it reminds me...i'm right where God wants me.

i love it. i love this. i'm so thankful. so blessed. so in love with my Savior for entrusting me with this all. every single crazy bit of it.

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Cheryl said...

So glad you are loving life :) I enjoy watching your children grow...They are growing up around you like a strong forest :)

I just told my son this morning that I shorter than most of the people in my family now. It happens overnight it seems :)

Have a blessed day!