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Monday, October 22, 2012

to my little boy.

to my precious baby boy.

today, you are FOUR. FOUR YEARS OLD?!

it's so hard for me to grasp that four years have quickly flown by since your first breath.

people always see you as the "only boy" and often feel sorry for you...i don't feel sorry for you one bit. :) you're so extremely loved by your four sisters and...really? even with four sisters...you're all boy. you're enough boy for four boys. :) i always smile and tell people that you're going to be a great husband someday.

your tender heart gets me every time. your compassion for people. your concern for others. the smile you give. the twinkle in your eyes. the looks on your face...the ones that look JUST like daddy's. everything about you, oozes with love...and boy. your sense of adventure never ceases to amaze me. the way you look at the world reminds me to step back and look around through your eyes.

you love all things boy. but also ask your sisters to play baby dolls...and the counteract that with playing police. :) tractors. blocks. balls. you're cool with it all. but if you get dirty...and it isn't under your terms...someone better have a wipe ready!

 you love going to church and were so proud to be in the "big boy" class at church this week. you love learning all about Jesus and ask questions about Him all the time. this weekend you were looking at the moon and you were so excited to exclaim "momma!! Jesus is coming down from the moon in the sky right now!!" you were a bit disappointed when i told you i didn't think it was so, but to keep watching the sky...because HE IS COMING!!

i love you little boy. you'll always be my little boy. my little man. my son. i never knew how much my life was going to change when i found out you were a boy. you've changed my life, all of our lives...for so much good. and we are so thankful

love you mr dustin russell.

keep on loving Jesus. keep on staring at that sky.


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-stephanie- said...

Oh my, I remember when he was born. Happy 4th Birthday handsome boy.